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  1. I am very sorry to hear of your loss.
  2. I really like the relaxed couch picture. Also the turtle picture cracks me up.
  3. We also had yet another incident with Catch in which she manages to baffle everyone. If you recall when she first came home with me she had gotten on my roof in what I believe is her not wishing to be separated and escaping to look for familiar pack settings. The she got out again and ran to the next town and we had to retrieve her on a golf course on golf carts. Quite funny looking back when the employees where all like what is her name? Uh...it's catch. Now the third adventure for her ended not so good that her paws got really worn out and the pads are blistered. This happened on the seco
  4. Hello everyone! It has certainly been a while since I've last updated. We now have Catch and Michi on a strict diet of Nature's Variety raw. There's something called montmorillonite clay in it that is something akin to nature's natural stool hardener. Much better than the artificial crap in the science diet food the vet kept pushing. It's funny on the report I received from them I'm using for filing my claim for insurance it says all this stuff about me not following the vet instruction on using de wormers science diet and instead choosing "natural" holistic methods and raw diets. Pshh
  5. O sounds like a nice trip. What kinds of rules are there for dogs around this time of year there? Might try to make it there sometime before summer ends.
  6. Happy Belated from us as well! Hope you had a great day!
  7. Hello! When I had issues with giardia back in last fall and winter i would keep at big spray bottle with diluted bleach and use it to spray practically everywhere to kill anything on the ground already. It really helped keep things under control and also helped my peace of mind. I also sprayed on things inside too where my girls would be most frequently
  8. Hello all! Been awhile. I think the last time I had posted it was some good things about Catch getting alittle better from the mysterious diarrhea and stomach upset and Michi having and getting over Giardia. Not soon after we took a very bad turn for the worse and everyone whas just a having a bad time. Things right now are looking up as I think I found the actual problem at hand here. Pretty sure Catch's pancreas is not functioning properly. Thinking back I was told by a vet that Michi's stool was the only one to have been positive for giardia which I am pretty sure came from the DP.
  9. Nice snow pictures! We have been getting some of that action here in Jersey. Poor Catch doesn't understand why the snow reaches her neck and why her sister seems to revel in tackling her into it.
  10. Hello to everyone! Been a while...I finally found out the reason why I could not seem to get Catch to have normal and consistent bowel movements. It turns out it was a parasite called Giardia. Once Michi got a whiff of said parasite is when she displayed more than just diarrhea but bloody stool prompting the vet to diagnose this ugly parasite. Being what it is I started meds. Things went well only for Michi to display bloody stool once the meds were done. Catch seems fine no symptoms. After talking with Kim and Chinatola I am probably going to try the kocci free after some time to give time fo
  11. Hey Chinatola! We are very sorry to hear about this knee problem. Recently I have started to use supplements from a company called springtime inc(springtimeionc.com). Right now I am using the "longevity" product with great results. They offer others for natural bug repellent and joint and tendon health. Following is a review made from someone who seemed to have avoided multiple surgeries. Not sure if this helps but just wanna put it out there. Best of luck! Surgery Prevented.Dear Springtime, I just want to thank you because I feel the Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewablestoge
  12. Good Morning and Happy Holidays to everyone! It has been a awhile. This is a big update and post but first and foremost/ Catch has been spayed and the procedure went perfect and she has recovered nicely. We have done a alot of things since the last update( going to the beach, the spay, winter funtimes, etc) Before the weather got too cold we made a beach trip where Catch seemed to enjoy the sounds of the ocean. Usually I let Michi run around to her hearts content but we did turns this time around as I was by myself. Catch seemed to be puzzled by he sand for a min and whe
  13. what an awesome pup! let me know if you ever want to have a playdate.
  14. Terribly sorry to hear of your loss. https://rainbowsbridge.com/poem.htm
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