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  1. Shep is my ideal second AID. I absolutely love the look of him. So excited for all the new people on the list that will get one of these amazing pups!
  2. Eric


    Ears for days!!! i love it!! what a cutie!
  3. So Exciting!!! always love hearing of new pups!
  4. This type of news always warms my Heart! wishing all the pups and mom all the best!
  5. That is such great news Greg! I couldn't agree more, these dogs are such amazing companions! Everyone stops us to ask what breed Koda is and to say how beautiful she is! These dogs are everything you could hope for in a dog and that's because of what Kim has done over the years. I can't wait to get another AIDog!! Hope all is well and that the breeding is successful.
  6. Always a great day to see new pups and new owners getting closer to getting their own pup. Its been non-stop fun and we couldn't imagine life without our little Koda. Glad mom and pups are doing well! can't wait to get on the waiting list once again!
  7. OMG these pups are so adoreable! To be honest they always are! they are such a stunning breed and i get so many comments on our little Koda. I can't wait to get another!
  8. we were lucky and just had Koda in for the day. no overnight stay. She did extremely well and she was only 7 months old. I think Berta is right with saying the hardest part is keeping them calm so they don't rip the stitches. When I couldn't 100% focus on her I just blocked off areas of the house so she couldn't run around and had to stay somewhat calm. You have to remember its best for the dog and she will be ok. before you know it she will be healed up and jumping around with ease.
  9. So exciting! enjoying all the pictures. can't wait to put down another deposit! absolutely love these dogs! Mom and pups all looks so good!
  10. So precious!!! Congrats to all the new people on the list!
  11. Sounds like so much fun! i wish i was able to attend the gathering however i have my wedding at the end of the month. Wishing everyone the best time and a huge Happy Birthday to Kim!
  12. We use the crate for when we aren't home still but have Koda sleep in the bedroom. she has a bed on the floor or she can sleep on the bed. She prefers the bottom of the bed. we will always have her crate out so that she can go sleep or lay in there anytime she wants. we just don't force it anymore while we are home. I think it comes down to the dog. if they are getting into things overnight than a crate would work better. do whats best for you and your pup and all will be happy!
  13. Congrats to everyone getting a new puppy! there is no better feeling!
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