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  1. Thank you for your input. The first 3 real bites were about stolen food. And started after age 3. Chester will wait to eat. Stop eating on command. Let me take food out of his mouth. He would not steal food in front of me but became a sneak. If caught in the act he would react like a wild dog. I brought in a professional and dealt with the stealing. No problems since. Then he started acting a bit unnerved again. Was going after food again as a sneak. No aggression, just seened nervous. My son, who has been warned that his up down energy makes chester afraid of him was playing with the
  2. Does anyone have an ai that bites? In 4 years, chester has bitten probably 5 or 6 times. I deal with what seems to have caused it (food aggression, fear, etc) but is the unpredictability of what will be the next cause for a bite reasonable? He has only bitten hands, but he breaks the skin and leaves bruises. What if he bites a face? I have spent an enormous amount of time with him. He listens to me and is well trained. He was never around dogs regularly until we got our ai puppy a year ago, but he has been around kids his whole life. He is a bit of a nervous nelly and barks a lot at th
  3. My shock collar has a vibrate mode. It does not hurt at all, just wiggles. On walks, I would vibrate the collar if Chester didn't come immediately when I said, "This Way." Pretty quickly, didn't really need to use it at all. He walks a little a head or stays behind to sniff but comes when I call. When I see a distraction, I usually grab his leash because I am nervous. Thing is, he is much more obedient when he is off leash. He will walk by a person without reacting if I leave him off leash and just call him This Way or tell him to leave it. If I grab his leash, he usually reacts to th
  4. What have I learned in the first few weeks of having two AI dogs? I have learned how much I love Ai Dogs. It isn't a secret how much I love Chester. He is my first dog, ever. My kids think I like him better than I like them. While I wouldn't go that far, he is awesome. He is humble and laid back, well trained and fat:) If I want to run, he runs, if I want to nap, he naps. If I put a hot dog on his nose, he won't eat it until I give him the okay. He is huge for an AI. Even as a puppy he was stocky. Now he is a physical force to be reckoned with. But, he is all show. Not a mean bone
  5. skg

    Tonka X Tonto 2015

    Skye looks so different from Chester. She is wiry where he was a little ball. Her body reminds me more of a grey hound than a shepherd. Her hair is much shorter than his was too at this point. And boy is she more feisty. He was scared to come out of his carrier when we brought him home, she isn't scared of anything. I am understanding most of their interactions. She gets chastised when she bites at us our at his face. He calmly follows her around when she is outside, especially if she goes back in the wooded areas of our yard. He will let her take toys from him sometimes, but what I d
  6. skg

    Tonka X Tonto 2015

    We are getting one of these, a little girl in the next few hours. Very excited to see her in person. I think she is the one with the darkest coat unless some of those others have darkened up. Does anyone have a picture of Tonto? I couldn't find him on the breeder page of SDK website. Joyou1 your dog looks an awful lot like mine? Wonder if they are siblings? Chester was born 11/22/12. I don't even know who his parents were.
  7. skg

    Advice Welcome!

    Sorry this is so long. Looking for solicited and unsolicited advice! Our pup should be heading our way today! We are super excited!!!! I would like a little advice for those who have brought an AI pup into a home with an AI adult. Let me tell you what my instincts tell me to do and then you can tell me how way off I am:) Chester will be 3 in November. He is an awesome dog. Very social and very friendly. He likes all dogs and never instigates aggression. He will bark and stand his ground if a dog gets snippy with him or if a new dog who is not too balanced gets near our kids. W
  8. Is anyone going to the Gathering from any where close to Indianapolis who would want to escort a puppy home for us?
  9. Does anyone know the current wait time for a puppy?
  10. There is a Facebook Page Titled Photo Doggies for Anthony. It asks for pictures of dogs for a little boy who is in the Phoenix Children's Hospital. I thought it was such a sweet idea. I do not know this little boy personally, but I took the time to post a picture of Chester. I thought some of you might wish to do the same. Here is what I wrote, much longer than what most people write, so don't think you have to write a book:) This is Chester. He is an American Indian Dog. There are only about 1000 like him in the world. He is from Oregon, where his breeder has spent over 30 years work
  11. Thanks so much, that is very helpful. I think we are a bit overweight, but not as much as I feared based on the pictures. I love that he is one of the big ole' dog lines, but I want him to be healthy. If I can get him off the couch (lol) I will try to post a side few pic of him.
  12. I know I asked this somewhere on the site, but I can't find it and never saw if anyone replied. Chester is BIG! I see here that they can range in size, but how do you know if they are at an unhealthy weight. He is tall and long, as tall and long as an average lab and coming in just an inch or so smaller than our neighbor's portugese water poodle. And he is between 70-75 lbs.. I can tell by looking at him that he probably needs to drop at least a little weight, but what is ideal and how do I achieve it. I tried a "diet" dog food from Eukanuba, but it didn't seem to do anything except make
  13. How do you know if your AI is over weight. Chester is 22months old. He is a tall AI. I am not sure if I measured correctly, but he is approximately 26 inches from the floor to the top of his shoulder, so I think bigger than the average. He is as tall as a friend's lab and portugese water dog. He weighs 70 lbs. Looking at pics of others on the site, he is a much stockier looking dog. He is not built like a lab, more like a malamute or shepherd, He doesn't look fat to me, just big. If he needs to lose weight, is it best to cut back on food or increase exercise, or switch to a low fat fo
  14. Thanks. Sherab: Did that not give your dog a case of the you know what's? Oocahtah: Vet told a story about a dog who ate a ton of gravel because kids had thrown hot chocolate on the gravel road. They had to surgically push it out, so be careful. Miss Molly: I think Chester is going to look like your dog. He still has the fluffy gold face with a little mask, but now his coat is black and gold and almost feels curly. He had one little patch of black on his tail when he came and I thought it was like a little birth mark, but now he is almost all that color and texture... and the sw
  15. skg

    Dog Names

    Our official name is GK Chesterton. We call him Chester. GK Chesterton is a favorite Author of my husband and me. In one of the kids' favorite books, Bunnicula, there is a cat character (a stupendous character) who, named after GK Chesterton, goes by the name of Chester. In the running were Ares (Greek god of War), MacTerra (Mac for short) (Gaelic for Wolf), Madra Rue (Rue for short) (Gaelic for Fox), or Rosco get this one, elfish for fox. But there was so much fighting, i just picked and didn't tell anyone until he arrived. He was so darn cute, no one argued about the name.
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