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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. His weight is good. He is in terrific shape. The vet checked his heart one time and could see how nervous he was but said "boy this is some athlete, hie's terrified but his heart rate is low for being so scared." Still not much improvement as of now. We've been keeping him quiet but he is dying to play.
  2. Hi everyone. We have 2 Indian dogs Khaleesi almost 6 and Takota who will be 3 in March. Takota is a really playful dog with lots of energy. He catches a frisbee like a pro. In fact I have never had a dog that just knew how to play like him. He plays tug of war great, he is the best at fetch and he is a pro at hide and go seek. Last week though we noticed he had some pain in his right leg. He sleeps with my son and he no longer is able to jump on the bed. When he tries to get on the couch he has to go one foot at a time and no longer jumps. Last Friday he was just laying on the couch a
  3. Here is our AI dog now at a year and a half. She seems to be a bit of a pip squeak. Only 40 pounds however she's such a wonderful pet. There is not a mean bone in her body. She loves our 5 year old son. If he is upset or is hurt and is crying, she howls until he stops. She is quite an athlete too. Fast and agile. She can leap and bounce around like no dog I have ever seen before. She likes to play but she is not so good at playing fetch. She likes to play a game where she brings whatever we are throwing close to us but then moves away before we can get it. I am curious if other AI do
  4. Yes that has to be her. She is an only child. She keeps getting her head stuck in our baby gate and almost got her whole body through the bars at one point. She has been a lot of fun but she is crazy. She is a love and just wants to be with us. She has bonded very well with the family so far One issue we are having is the nipping. She wants to play with my son who is 4 but gets a little rough sometimes. Kim told us to give her a pinch and growl at her. He does that but she'll keep coming at him. She's constantly trying to tug on everything including my shorts and she loves going after
  5. We picked her up at Delta Cargo at JFK yesterday. She is a little ball of energy.
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