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    Our kids and dog, family, gardening, blacksmithing, cooking, camping, and motorcycling just to name a few!!
  1. Looking for ideas from other AI owners. Since the night we got our pup last fall she has had a few fears. Here are a couple of the: --She hates the dark to the point of not liking to go out at night for potty breaks, even if we go out too we can hardly get her off our leg to go. Sending our other dog out along helps. If it is dark and rainy then there is no chance she will go out with or with out us short of us picking her up to carry her out. --Storms--while common for dogs to be fearful of them I am curious if others have this issue with their AI. When in combination with the dar
  2. dcunger

    Fancy X Rowdy

    The second is my favorite, then the first one. I love the look in the eyes on them both and the coloring. All are wonderful.
  3. Judy, We had one when we first got married, his name was Gunner. He was sweet as everything and a lap dog too, lol. Unfortunately he got hit on the road. It was a very sad day but we were glad to have loved him!
  4. Thank you Allison! Both look to be beautiful dogs, I can only imagine how beautiful the pups will be!
  5. dcunger


    I realize there are unknowns and risks in breeding any animal and time will always tell, and also that there is a normal process that sometimes isn't so normal for whatever reason. I am not trying to be the "squeaky wheel" or the little girl who cry's at her own party. This was mostly for me to vent a small portion of my thoughts and feelings and maybe by doing so it will help someone else in my shoes realize they're not alone in how they feel.
  6. dcunger


    Thank you Judyk!!
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/?cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&item=271045314066&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT#ht_2157wt_1161
  8. dcunger


    At this point I am just ready to have this process over with. I am no longer excited, or anything else for that matter on most days other than lacking patience. I am not looking for encouragement or anyone to tell me to go volunteer to get my fix, I have PLENTY to do to fill my time, I am simply making a statement. I have tried to not make a nuisance of myself by asking a lot of questions, but would like information when there is very little to be had...
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