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Coyote Crow Dog

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    Frisbee, hunting, pulling (as a sled dog), chasing swallows, "Hyperdog" slingshot, hiking in the woods, tracking, herding, females...
  1. Coyote Crow Dog


    You spelled that wrong.....it's test.
  2. "Pull out, Betty! Pull out! You've hit an artery!
  3. Which you all can find, in the "Web Links" on the left side bar.
  4. Might have to add a little bacon to that.
  5. Under the heading of," things that come back to bite you", I thought I would bring up the release command. This is the command you use, to release your pup, or human (depending on who is running the show), from an exercise like the "sit", or "stay", etc. This command is as important as any other, and I know from experience that not teaching it, will haunt you and your pup, for a long time. We use "Alright". Mercy mentioned recently that they use a command that KK taught them, "So Wa", I think it was. One of the problems with "alright", is that it sounds like so many other things.
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