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  1. Okay thank you for your response. I appreciate it.
  2. Thank you Greg! I was able to get on and check out fawn and chawa. Fawn definitely caught our eye. I just found out there is a weight limit for the dogs we can have at our place. It's 25 lbs. Do you by any chance know if any of these lovely ladies are at our under 25 lbs?
  3. Are any of these dogs still available? Or have they been placed. I already emailed kim about taking a retiree. Lol. I have young kids, don't want a puppy, but I would love a seasoned patient dog who can handle kids and a cat. But kim said to look on forum for pics of some of retired dogs.
  4. Just to clarify, not all tribes ate dogs. Where I'm from we joke about natives from Montana and the Dakotas eating dogs.
  5. CFalcon

    Eedelut Update

    Eedelut has made so much progress since we got him. He was a wild little puppy when he first arrived, but now he is pretty well behaved. If he does have any behavioral issues it's more than likely because he hadn't been walked yet. He waits really well for his food. I'll hold his bowl and tell him "emishsh" (sit), and he'll sit and look at me. Then I put it down and look at him and he'll stay there and keep looking at me until I say "ahu" (go ahead), then he eats. When he's outside I'll open the door he'll come over to the door pretty fast and again I'll say emishsh (sit), and he'll sit
  6. The whole smell issue is getting better. He doesn't stink as long as he doesn't get rained on, it's weird. He'll go from having little to no scent then it rains and he goes outside to go potty and he'll come in just stinky. I do bathe him once he gets super stinky but it seems he is starting to go for longer periods without stinking so hopefully he'll be bathed less frequently. I still try to wait at least 2 weeks between baths. My parents don't really complain about it either. My dad just made that one comment a while back. For the most part they seem to enjoy him. My mom actually pet
  7. Hmmm... Well we get his food from Petco and it's called Nature's Recipe Puppy: Lamb and Rice. Although, my kids might drop their food every once in a while so he could be eating that? He's not allowed in our yard until he's fully vaccinated because where we live we have no fence and all our neighbors dogs get in our yard and when we moved in we saw their huge presents scattered about the yard. At my parents house the backyard is off limits because my sister had her dog over last summer and her dog had parvo at one point and I don't want to chance it because I don't know if she had it wh
  8. My dad can pretty much smell a single match several hours after it's been struck and I think my mom smells stuff because she 'thinks' herself into it. lol. and I am pregnant so my sense of smell is a little amplified. Sean says he doesn't smell anything and my brother says he doesn't either, but they are both smokers so I don't pay too much attention to them. lol. Also, I've never really owned a dog before and my parents have also never really had dogs either, so we're not used to any kind of dog smell even if it's not particularly stinky. I understood that these dogs had minimal dogg
  9. Does anyone have any tips for managing that doggy smell? We've given eedelut one bath so far since we got him and I don't want to bathe him too much as I imagine it wouldn't be too good for his skin. I've seen pet sprays and perfumes before, but I don't know about that. We usually visit my parents on the weekends and they have sensitive noses and I don't like feeling like bringing eedelut is a hassel or a burden for them to have to smell him. He stinks the most of course after coming in from going to the bathroom when it's raining or snowing.
  10. CFalcon


    aww... I imagine the death of a dog after 16-17 years must be quite difficult. That's one thing I think about with eedelut now is his time will probably come around the time my boys will be graduating high school and how it will be for them, and me. Sounds like she left behind a great legacy.
  11. CFalcon

    Furry Son

    Who knows. I'd be willing to bet they have seen some of these dogs, but just thought they were ordinary dogs. You kind of have to ask the right questions to get what you're looking for with our elders. They didn't give a straight answer yes or no whether or not they've seen them. They're probably unsure. For me, it didn't even occur to me that these dogs would still be around. When my friend had told me about them a few years ago I was kind of thrown off too, and I was pretty skeptical about it. But after reading all the information at the songdogs site and the iidoba site I was pretty
  12. CFalcon

    Furry Son

    Yeah Tulmeen loved that ride home. After that he wasn't so nervous about eedelut. He was kind of scared of him at first because of his hyperness and trying to jump on them and nip at them a little bit (I think a lot of that was induced by them being so nervous of him though). Nkweneem is kind of mean to eedelut though. If he does give him the time of day it's to take stuff from him and push him away when he gets close to him. Or, unless eedelut is trying to relax or sleep then he'll bug him.
  13. CFalcon

    Furry Son

    Thanks everyone. I'm very pleased with the way he looks, very distinguished. Sean said out of the other dogs there his ears were the most pointy. Kim had initially given Sean a choice between two males but after looking at Sean for a good second he picked up eedelut and handed him to him. lol. Oh yea, interesting bit of info, Sean said that Kim was keeping one of the females and was going to name her Cree.... @ woodrat, I'm not sure if that's a birthmark. I didn't even notice that! I'm so oblivious to stuff. I can't even look and check right now either because I'm at my parents with th
  14. There's a town about 15 miles from where I live called Tekoa (pronounced teeko), but it's comes from the coeur d'alene word t'ik'ut which means elder. lol. Cute pictures.
  15. CFalcon

    Furry Son

    Sean looks rough. lol! Yes, he drove pretty much non stop. He did stop for an hour or two on the way there, but he didn't even sleep. Crazy guy. Here's picture I was able to take with my phone. It's hard to get decent pictures especially since he's extremely curious about the phone so he gets way up close. My 15 month old's new favorite word is doggie. That's also the first really clear word we've heard him say so far. I think our first challenge is going to be setting up boundaries with the kinds of play between the kids and eedelut. He seems smart though so hopefully we'll get it fig
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