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  1. Hello Greg, our whole family of nine will be camping there again this year along with our three dogs: Meadow, Forest, and Dune. We will bring the potato salad, pasta salad, and paper plates.
  2. We had a great time again this year as you can see in our attached pictures, thank you Greg for all that you do to keep the Gathering going. Thank you Julie for spending so much time with our kids on the agility course... They loved it! The canine nose work was amazing and as always one our favorite parts of the trip is going to back to Song Dog to visit all of the dogs and of course the new puppies. Thank you Kim for opening your home to us… What a fun day!!!
  3. I heard a K9 officer once say search and rescue is like watching magic unfold. Best of wishes and happy hunting!!!
  4. The kids loved the dog races this year. Thank you everyone for such a fun time.
  5. Hello Greg, Put us down for bringing the hotdogs again this year. Our oldest son says he is bringing his scooter and the harnesses. He has never been in a raise against other dogs, so this could be interesting. Looks like we are about six weeks out now which will pass in no time. See you all soon. Meadow’s Family P.S. We will be bringing a larger scooter with tires.
  6. What a fantastic skill. Fun video. Thank you for sharing.
  7. We have reservations. See you there. We really liked the group photo last year and hope it becomes a tradition.
  8. Got to love a dog that loves the water. Especially an Indian dog. Thank you for sharing.
  9. We love the pictures Greg... And keep going back to look. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Hello, We have been using the Ruffwear Approach pack for more than three years with our smaller dog who weighs 35 pounds. We filled the bags with lightweight bedding for the first year while she was growing and added a little more weight in the second year. We never had a problem, although I would say when wearing the pack she tends to explore less and stay on the trail so not to get caught on branches and other debris. We have two dogs using them now and are about to by a third pack for the youngest. We have never needed dog bootees while backpacking in snow, forest, desert, or sand t
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