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Ann C.

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    Daily workouts, loving our dogs,cooking, spending time with kids and grandkids,all manner of wildlife.
  1. Hi all "puppy parents in waiting". Well we have our nice hot summer. Doesn't help when we're waiting for a puppy to fly away home to us. I have faith, though, that it will all work out in the end and the pup of our dreams will eventually get to us. Keep smiling and let's hope for a little break in the weather so puppies flying is easier to have happen. Good luck to all ( including me!!)
  2. Hi All, I am on the list and although not actually SITTING by the phone. I am waiting with great anticipation for the call!!!!! Have been wating a bit but now that the time is near I am getting all goose-bumpy with excitement! Call me Kim...Call me!!! LOL
  3. Hi Alison, I got an email from Kim telling me to watch the Forum as new puppy info will be posted as they enter the world. Is there any specific place I should look for these announcements? He tells me I am up there very near the top of the list , so I want t be sure to be able to access info as it becomes available. Thanks, Ann C.
  4. I appreciate all of the input and I empathize with the excitement and anticipation of getting a pup. Such a mixed bag of emotions. It's quite obvious that this community is a comprised of people with great love and respect for their animals. Myself and my husband share that commitment with the dogs that comprise our "pack" and can't wait for the newest member to be ready to "come home" I will continue to look at all the insight and info that is offered and hope to get to know many of you during this journey. wishing all a belated but Happy Healthy New Year
  5. Hi, I've been waiting some months for a puppy too. It is exciting but it, like all good things, is hard to wait for. Hoping the litters that are expected soon will include a pup meant to come and live with us in Connecticut! Anxiously awaiting that call!
  6. All the pups are beautiful. I'm hoping one might possibly be coming to me. When does Kim let perspective owners know if they are one of the " lucky ones"?
  7. Wow, so glad you are OK and faired reasonably well We have had crazy weather in Connecticut all year. Early winter Nor'easter, earthquake and hurricane. Trees have been falling like matchsticks and people without power for weeks on end. We got lucky too. Some damage, not severe but a lot of cleaning up. The past winter is what caused all the damage to the house where repairs have finally been completed. It seems Mother Nature is trying to remind us who's boss. Stay safe and enjoy getting ready for the upcoming Holidays.
  8. Thanks to all for your replies and welcomes. Thanks for the helping hand Starghoti. I am sure I will slow but surely get used to using the features of this forum. I do hope to go from a hopeful to a fullfledged owner in the not so distant future. Lots to be learned about these marvelous creatures. I will gladly take advice and info from any and all available. Looking forward to meeting many of you on this forum and maybe one day in person. Thanks again, Ann
  9. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and have not figured out how to start a new post so I thought I would Post as a reply to the calendar and introduce myself. I am Ann, from Connecticut and after some great conversations with Kim and some careful research I am hoping to become one of your group and sometime in the (near) future I hope, have the honor of bringing a beautiful AI dog into my home. If anyone has a suggestion to help me navigate this forum that would be greatly appreciated. Also, how do I go about ordering a calendar? Hope to meet many of you through this forum and am glad to
  10. Hi, I am new to the forum, I just wanted to comment on how amazingly beautiful this pup is. Awesome pic. I can't wait to get my first AI dog and all of the pictures just confirm my feelings that these are some of the most beautiful and natural dogs I've ever seen.
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