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  1. Happy New Year overseas friends!!! That we may have lots of doggy fun in 2008! Viviane, Karl and Kaya-Sioux
  2. Welkom aan de knappe "Hinto" in het mooie Limburg. Maar zoals men reeds aangaf start nu pas het werk en inderdaad ... ze worden groot en sterk. Met andere woorden zie dat je jullie de baas blijven. Nogmaals proficiat en geniet van jullie leven met Hinto. Viviane , Karl en Kaya-Sioux.
  3. Snel vraagje... Welk tuig heeft Kaya daar allemaal aan ? Groetjes, Zusje Kaya
  4. O jeee......... heuuu......(LOL)
  5. We have no problems with that. Kaya-Sioux now 1 year and verry tired now after a great day in the country.
  6. Happy Birtday for the four of Bowdy One year Old en smart , strong and fast. Kaya-Kiani, Quanah and Chicco From Kaya-Sioux, your younger sister. XXXXXX
  7. Thanks you for these beautiful words, howerver ,now we know where we stand....nowhere and our dogs still less. So this is the the American way. beautiful and at last honest. "Voor al die nog hoop hadden op een overeenkomst en mogelijke documenten in Nederland en Belgie is dit antwoord meer dan duidelijk genoeg. " Om het met een spreuk te zeggen " Wij wassen onze handen in onschuld ". Al zeggen ze er niet bij dat ze verdorie goed wisten dat er iets mis was met Wendy en de registratie.
  8. The next round ??? Its now 1 to . the ladies will have the last word, not we. Maybe we will to be rescued from them. All the pictures are on " http://www.kayasioux.be " Great day !!!!!!!!! Kaya-Kiani >
  9. kayabel


    Welcome Marcel and Belinda, Congratulations on getting Baingana, he looks great and will certainly give you the time of your life! From Belgium Viviane and Karl wiyh Kaya-Sioux.
  10. I totally agree with Judy and KK on this. TOTALLY unacceptable. At any sign of aggressiveness ( bared teeth, hackles up etc.) that dog should be on his back immediatly and not in a nice way.Alfa stuf. But the do now where the borders are and fast. Dont forget a Indian is verry smart and wil always to be on top, if you let him.
  11. Great !! Love them.... One of them is looking like Kaya-Kiani / Kaya-Sioux and Bowdy. Welkom to the low Countries and we wil see you in October.
  12. Great news.... !!! For you and Dakota.
  13. kayabel


    Great show Kaya.... and fast to. Your sister wil have to run faster......Lol...
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