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  1. A very merry Christmas to you and all Y'all too
  2. Wow those are some stunning pups! Congratulations all.
  3. Interesting. I don't know if we have any thing equivalent or if it's all local. We have some property in New Mexico and are well aware of the 100 years or so of backwards forestry policy in the West. There is even a Meme out there showing how the fires just stop at the Canadian border. Funny that. Each fire season I think there will be a wake up and better management. Maybe this time. It would be great if they figure out a new way before nobody remembers the old ways. That said a few years ago there was a strange mass arson event in Australia. Seems like it's come to our West. Unfort
  4. Wow! So much wisdom in every word. Well maybe not cacti on the dashboard (hard break could be unfortunate). I do hope you gather and publish these stories. What is C D F? I think I can guess but wondering.
  5. Hey all you West Coasties, please check in from time to time and let us know how you are doing during this terrible wild fire season.
  6. Well I couldn't find it but there was some recent genetic research indicating that North American aboriginal dogs are genetically predisposed to use fat better than European derived dogs. I think that likely translates into "holding on to calories". So I looked for advice on how to care for a northern american breed such as the Greenland Dog. I haven't found much but this article has an advised food that looks like it is lo carb. https://animalcorner.org/dog-breeds/greenland-dog/ as well as food adjustments along the life cycle. And some advice for Husky care and feeding including 60
  7. Sherab

    Ranger Komi

    If you had a mild injury how long would you lay off running? Give Nakoma a break for about that long and see if it makes a difference. Do you massage your dog? If you do you will become familiar with what muscles are tight and if there is any tenderness in a paw or a leg. Look closely at the feet / pads for a split nail or sliver. If you do find a soft tissue injury or even a joint issue laser therapy can work wonders. They can slow up at 5 but I would have picked 8 ish as more of an inflection point. Especially since your dog looks plenty lean. RE: trauma - it could have happened w/
  8. Yazhi is adorable. Is that a grey one? Is it just me or is grey one of the less often coats?
  9. You know that's a GREAT point. A few years back the vet recommended to "test" the pavement with your hand. If it's not too hot for your hand, go ahead and walk. Cold seems to be a different matter. If they "harden off" by living through fall it isn't really a problem until it gets down around zero F. If a southern dog is visiting the snow it can be more of an issue. Musher's secret can be a great help. At least that is what I have observed. The heat has broken here. We can feel the fall approaching as the maples are tinged red already. Waki is a little put out since I washed his
  10. oh those are going to be some breath taking pups. Can't wait to see them.
  11. Aint it the truth! That and dog genetic research articles like this Looks like those ancient dogs they dug out of the frozo-mud in siberia are related to huskies, malamutes, sled dogs of greenland and surely our buddies https://science.sciencemag.org/content/368/6498/1495 Some genetic highlights: 1) different coat structure makes for heating and cooling so the dogs don't overheat doing work, 2) specialized ability to subsist on high fat diets and 3) the ability to tolerate hypoxic work conditions. These dogs can run literally on low oxygen. I was not familiar with the Greenla
  12. My husband thinks that if you take away her off lead privledges, work her in obedience and make her earn off lead she'll do the calculation - come when called or no freedom.
  13. LakeGirl, I'm sorry that happened and I don't know the answer. If it hasn't been that long, maybe you can engage an experienced trainer's opinion / help. Off the top of my head, if she is toy or treat driven you may have to do that for a while. Our shepherd is hard wired to be "reset" with treats because of all the classes and training so maybe that will work? Although AIDs are not shepherds and more head strong in the to come or not to come when called department IMHO. That said, recall is a hard one because they don't always want to. Cake is really terrible with that but she is reli
  14. Ouch! Glad that turned out well.
  15. Sherab

    New Name

    He has a great face. Very expressive. Glad he's past this particular milestone.
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