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    Multiple business owner, father of two grown children, guitarist, amateur astronomer & husband of 35 years to my wonderful Julie Ann. Oh yeah...absolutely nuts about dogs!!

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  1. Hey you guys! We're in Colorado now too! Moved here in May this year. We're in the Springs...you still in Durango? Maybe a springtime adventure is in order perhaps!
  2. Greetings and salutations!

    It's been entirely too long since the last post here but no excuses, I just forgot my login creds and somehow Windows 10 remembered them.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    So...how's everybody?  We're good!


    Here's Lili wondering why I've placed a pizza between her and the ball in my hand.  (full disclosure this was taken a few years ago)


    Here's Kona after an argument with my daughters cat.  She didn't know what to do or where to go...so she did this, here. For like 15 minutes! (Aug. 2021)

    Big news Boardsters!  We're no longer Illinoisans!  We've finally departed the state of our birth and relocated out west in Colorado!  The Springs to be exact.  This is as of May of this year (2021).  Gotta say, the dogs are loving the new environs for sure although the move was pretty tough on them to be honest:


    More to come...it's been way too long.  Anybody else out here in the Springs?

    1. Chinatola


      well, the picture is not from May of this year....that was taken last year in the fall in our old office.


  3. Well let me just second those words of great wisdom and joy and say without hesitation that these dogs, these AI dogs that we are all so obsessed about, really are something other than else, as a handful of humorous Englishman would say. Our first experience with Waki’s sister Lili was unique in that we’d never braved the airport in search of a pup before. And, one that can be as intimidating and/or frustrating as our particular small, neighborhood, almost grass-strip-like airport: ORD! For those that are not familiar, ORD is Chicago’s O’hare International Airport and it is i
  4. Gib, thanks for sharing that tribute...it was epic as I'm sure Draco was based on our shared knowledge of him and Wicca through the boards. I share Molly's comment about your posts always bringing a joy to our board adventures and I have to admit that I've been 'off boards' for quite sometime myself so it's good to hear from you again although tinged with sorrow in difficult circumstances. Julie mentioned this morning that she still misses Elsy (our black lab-mix who's passing led us to Liliko'i) and we had a few minutes of smiles and giggles over Elsy's memories and I can only hope that
  5. Great story, thanks for sharing!
  6. Wait now....what's in October? We're headed to our Island at the end of this month for two weeks and then I have some Bidness travel after that.....did we make a plan I failed to communicate?
  7. I was in a band called Cassowary Proxy!
  8. Agree totally with the Alpha position in the hierarchy. You MUST convey the idea that you are alpha. Lili was quite easy to get into a place of good behavior & consequently I became a bit spoiled by that...but Kona took over three years of near constant & epic struggles of will and she still displays a revolutionary streak now and then, especially when it's time to 'go get your shoes' as we call it (or get your 'pants' as its known in the Sherab household). When it's time to 'saddle up', so to speak, she races around the living room at zoomy speeds, with great, reckless aban
  9. Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn'it, ay? Beautiful plumage!
  10. So sorry for your loss Lisa...Hawk will always be with you. Look for his scent on the breeze, his voice in the rustle of leaves and his smile in the eyes of everyone.
  11. Ours have been fed a small variety of Orijen kibbles, such as original, six fish, regional red & tundra since pretty much day one (well, I did the raw hamburger thing with Squint (Lilikoi for the uninitiated) for a short time early on in our relationship but our older dog, Ida, at the time had a problem as we weren't very aware of dog nutrition in those days and the switch to raw jacked her all up. Thank you boards for straightening out my lack of understanding and knowledge on this side of the question!) We supplement this with a fair variety of stella & chewy's freeze dried dinn
  12. Somebody sent me an email telling me it was good for bug bites...
  13. sorry, been away for a long time and it apparently broke.
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