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  1. Sitka reminds me a lot of Cassie at that age, with his coloring, of course, but also climbing on things, wanting to be in the middle of all activities. Cassie was quite a little stinker at that age too! Her first year seemed to last so long, and now time just flies (she turned 4 at the beginning of this month!). Glad you are having fun with him!
  2. Is that Horse Mountain? I had wanted to take Cassie up there, but that was when we were having some sparse winters and I missed the few opportunities. Plus the weekend crowds. You're lucky to be able to go on a beautiful Monday! Oh how I miss it up there, you can take your dog up to the snow and then back down to the beach!
  3. Darn, I wish I were in a better situation to get another dog, especially an older dog, and especially one that raced with Cassie's gg-grandpa! He sounds like a great dog, someone will be lucky to have him!
  4. Cassie hates the rain too, I have to walk outside with her to convince her she won't melt. Strangely enough, when I took her out to Mount Shasta for her first real snow adventure (the 2 inches we got at home didn't really count), she loved it. I guess it doesn't feel as wet to her!
  5. Glad I decided to check in today! The Medicine Lake Highlands are in Modoc National Forest, either in Modoc County or the very eastern part of Siskiyou. It is one of my favorite places, lots of volcanic features. Besides the obsidian, there are lava tubes and a cinder cone with a fire lookout you can rent for a night (the view is awesome!). Medicine Lake itself is nice, you can take boats out on it and swim or fish...I went kayaking on it last summer. Cassie loves it too, she even waded around in the lake in spite of an aversion to water! By the way, technically you can't collect obsid
  6. Happy Birthday Allison! 100 again? Hope you had a great day with your boys!
  7. I like Keith too, though sometimes he's a little over the top. But sometimes that is what's needed, and it was awesome of him to bring attention to the Cheyenne. I'm glad his viewers stepped up too!
  8. Thanks for posting the plight of these tribes. I had heard about the Cheyenne River Tribe a little on public radio, but nothing until today on mainstream media. Not that Haiti doesn't deserve attention, but if we can put together relief concerts and telethons for Haiti, why not for our own people? Don't want to get on a soapbox here, the important thing is getting the word out so those who can help are able to.
  9. Happy Birthday Coyo, 9 years old but I bet you're 3 in spirit! Hope your new little brother isn't driving you too crazy! We hope to see you soon, Michelle and Cassie
  10. Hey Allison, Congrats on the new pup! He does have very similar coloring to Cassie, though his eyes are blue. He's so adorable! And Cassie was quite a little Tasmanian devil at that age too! Good luck, hope he doesn't torture Coyo too much!
  11. Yeah luckily it was almost pure lateral motion, so no tsunami. I lived in the Bottoms for a couple of years, always wondered if I should invest in a canoe in case the big one hit I remember the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, our dog at the time escaped through some locked sliding glass doors that had been forced open, and she hid in the bushes for a long time. Good thing too because there was glass everywhere, and furniture knocked over. I'm a geologist and it took me years to get to get to the point where I could stay calm during smaller quakes. The big ones stay with you for a while. Glad
  12. Hey Jerry, Not to stray off topic but hope you guys faired well with that 6.5 earthquake. So far I've heard mostly minor damage. How did your pup react? My dog Cassie felt a few earthquakes while we were up there, but none nearly that strong, so she doesn't think it's any big deal.
  13. Oh I recognize the scenery, I lived in Arcata for 9 years, loved it, miss it badly! You guys are so lucky, my dog Cassie loved Mad River Beach (or any beach up there!). It's a great place to have a dog. Good luck and enjoy your pup, they grow up so darn fast!
  14. Michelle

    My X-mas Present

    Congratulations Kim, she is beautiful, and a perfect representative of America from coast to coast! Can't wait to see the first picture of her with an Indian Dog!
  15. So sorry I missed it, looks/sounds like it was a great weekend!
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