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  1. Marina

    Brutal Dog Attack

    That is truly tragic and shitty and I won't let myself imagine how he must feel. I have met Dave a couple of times and understand a little what his dogs mean to him. Wow. Marina in Portland, OR
  2. Gosh, looks like we could type for hours on this subject! Both of my dogs are barkers but they both get better about being quiet and staying quiet when we say to so we can thank maturity on their part and our own....also it's funny that I taught the oldest one to speak on command and then one day I remembered why i had done that in the first place and said "No speak!" instead of "No barking" or "Quiet"...which work, too, but are less direct. He certainly knew to speak when told and then to stop on command. Yep, it works. I understand the theory of positive commands but they really know wha
  3. Allison, I am so thrilled it is snowing and finally sticking! I have to argue that Portland drivers are even worse than Seattle drivers...I lived in Seattle for 13+ years and a few snows and Portlanders are way more clueless...I learned to drive a manual trans in snowy Spokane at 15 years of age and I can't believe how helpless folks are here. YAY let's ENJOY!!!! Marina
  4. Allison, I am praying for snow in Portland and also that all my friends and family in Puget Sound get to have heat, light and internet. If it has to be grey it may as well snow. The dogs luv it!
  5. Marina

    Mr. Tough Love

    Ha Ha I (tough) love it. Such a cool dog, too, that Dusty!
  6. Both dogs would run off for another dog, and Freida definitely after a cat but both would come back....yes, if not struck by something, dog forbid. They are behind the fence or on the leash if anywhere near traffic. I go so far as to warn everyone who comes in the house not to let the dogs out when they come and go....we don't call Freida "the brown bullet" for nothing. I, myself, have cat-like reflexes, thanks to her.
  7. Thanks for writing Cyndi. And I love Vine Deloria! It seems to me that the same kind of person who is unbalanced enough to put so much energy into lies and fabrication is the same who can't intuit how to discipline such an intelligent dog. My dogs and I understand eachother pretty well because I don't approach them like "There. You're trained. My work is over." It is ongoing. They test and test and I tell them and show them that I'm in charge. The more I learn about the symbolism of my actions the better our relationships become. If I'm wishy washy they'll test me..if they see by my body l
  8. Oh, I might add that I've been to the ranch twice (the 2nd visit a long one) and the dogs are happy and healthy. To call it anything akin to a puppy mill is just plain ignorant. I'm glad we're talking about this because it isn't right to suffer fools. Haha did he learn that from you? : )
  9. I have two AI dogs- a 16 month old, a 7 and 1/2 month old and am taking care of a friend's 18+ week old AI pup while he takes a perhaps once in a lifetime trip (expenses paid!) to the other side of the world. I have to tell everyone what I knew after having the oldest one for just a few weeks. When I am ready for another dog one day i will get him or her from Kim. I could foster, adopt, care for any kind of canine but I love these dogs, know that they are special and how well-suited we are to eachother. Kim has been nothing but great to do business with. I always feel he is being straight u
  10. I absolutely agree that Kim and Arlene's dogs, cats, horses, birds have plenty of what they need to be happy. Seems to me that animals are their life and they take great care of them! Takes an animal lover to know and recognize another. I only hope Kim knows how we all believe in him and what he stands for!
  11. Allison, Thanks for taking the time and energy to write that. Thankfully, when we succumb to petty gossip we lose credibility! We all get a certain feeling when we know a person is putting their thumb on the scale, right? It says more about the person who is saying it than it does about the object of derision. Meanwhile I enjoy a lazy sunday with my two marvelously furry four-on-the-floors! See ya! Marina
  12. Hello all, I am a very satisfied, proud owner of two American Indian dogs. My first, Yakone is a little over a year old and Freida was born last spring. For having the same father, Red Ryder, they couldn't look much less alike. Yakone has a long red and brown coat with some tan and Freida's short coat was more uniformly brown with white blaze and toes when she was really little but has recently turned sandy behind her ears and has a dark and lighter brown "braid",as I call it, down her back. Yakone's coat has never stopped changing so I can't wait to see what hers will do next! They have s
  13. I didn't realize that Cassie came from Mocha and Red..so did my dog Yakone...who looks like both parents but mostly like Red Ryder. Personally, I get a kick out of those people who ask what kind of dog I have and then argue with me when I tell them. Did I sound unsure? No way! So funny. Cassie is lovely.
  14. Marina

    Yoga Dogs

    That's hilarious, Allison. I don't think either of these dogs could do anything but try to horn in. Perhaps someday... They're too curious about why I'm on the floor in the first place. They'll try to play twister....
  15. I think my knuckles were white for a good part of the drive. Don't you love it when it's raining so hard you don't know that semi is close until it's nearly blown you off the road? Wing and a prayer! I honestly kept thinking "I will NOT die today. My dog and I have MANY more years together." Glad you made it, too! Yakone tried to dive under my feet while we drove home with Freida after the gathering. Rather dangerous! ...he was a little upset that day..: /
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