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  1. Oh my gosh! He looks so much like Phoenix as a puppy! Enjoy! (see me profile photo...)
  2. Wow, he looks SO much like my Sterling! One of Luka's pups? -Gavin
  3. So sorry for your loss. Hard to see family pass.
  4. he's so gorgeous! And so serious! We call that the annoyed professor look.
  5. Gavin

    Sitka Is Growing

    What an adorable baby! And how is big brother handling it? -G
  6. Petah looks like the "white sheep" of the family! And she looks so much like Sterling. The whole litter ended up looking like dad. Happy Birthday Petah! Good to see you again! -Gavin
  7. I had to teach both of my dogs to swim. If was fun. They both really love swimming. Sterling even helped us win a human/dog swimming race. If you've never taught a dog to swim: ok, it's really fun, but, you have to be willing to get really wet. Warm, calm water is best. Pick up the pup and carry her as you wade put into the water. Not too far but far enough that you know she cannot touch bottom. Stay mellow and totally calm. Turn around so she can see the shore and, preferably, a friend or parent she will desire to reach. Slowly lower her down towards the water. Her feet will probably st
  8. I like that new math, Allison. "You are only as old as your pets make you feel?"
  9. Actually, you are not that crazy. I only discovered the forum shortly before we decided to get a second pup, so I've only been on for about 3 years.
  10. Phoenix is 7 1/2! Believe it or not!
  11. Yesterday was Sterling's birthday! She is 2 years old. Happy birthday to all the pups in this large litter. (9 pups) (Luka X Kachina, b. April 19, 2008) Sterling is about the most happy and well adjusted pup on the planet and we thank Kim for her joyful spirit every day. My birthday was just a couple of weeks ago, and this photo was taken on a birthday camping trip . It is just a great celebration of our relationship. Added together, Sterling and I are 40 years old! (This is your cue to say, "No way!") -Gavin
  12. Thanks folks. We spent the weekend hiking and camping on the Deschutes with a group of friends. The pups had a blast. Can you believe Sterling turns 2 next week? How time flies. -Gavin
  13. Thanks Allison. I sent a message to both of them. Erica & Kris- Let us know if you do not receive my email. -Gavin
  14. Erica- I'm not sure she's still on the forum. I have met Freida, who's owner is actually Jerry. (I believe the author of this letter was his ex-girlfriend) You can find Jerry & Frieda in Sellwood nearly every weekday. I'm happy to tell you how/where if you like. I am also in Portland, and if you would like to meet my 2 Indian Dogs, I would be happy to arrange something. Mine have 2 very different personalities, so they represent an interesting spectrum. My older dog is a lot like Frieda, very shy, while my younger one is completely outgoing and bold. Send me a private message wi
  15. True! Sterling would take a nap on my office desk every afternoon. It was summer and the desktop stayed cooler than her crate pad, so she slept on the desk for about an hour every afternoon. Too cute!
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