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  1. Happy b-day to your pup Karen! I took Niki in for her bordetella this Saturday and she's at 40.5 lbs. She'll be 1 year on Dec 19th (times flies). What's Danza's weight now?
  2. Welcome. Everyone has posted some excellent comments for you. Hopefully you'll have a chance to meet an AIDog in person soon. Try to visit Kim's place if you can. I'm glad I did, I just wish I could have stayed at the kennel longer. My dog spends 90% of her life outside, and she seems to prefer it that way. As mentioned, a fence alone will not contain these escape artists. If they want out of the yard... they're gettin' out! My only insurance that my pup stays within her bounds is with a wireless electric fence. If I didn't have that... she would be in an enclosure when unsupervised, becaus
  3. Newc

    Dog Scooterers

    Thanks everyone for your input. I've never even used or seen a dog scooter in person. All of my limited knowledge comes from the research I've done in recent weeks. The full suspension and a good quality braking system seems to be desirable features you've mentioned. Those type of items will add weight to the scooter. Weight was a factor in my initial design ideas... my pup only weighs about 37 lbs, so I figured a lightweight design and lower gear ratio (by using smaller diameter tires) would help her efforts in pulling a 200lb guy like me around (and reduce my efforts as well) . Alot
  4. Newc

    Dog Scooterers

    Hmmm.... about the line being attached to the fender. I thought of this for anti-tangling reasons..... but what I am curious about is won't that provide a means for the dog to pull the the front wheel into the direction it's traveling? Say a squirrel comes bounding across the path and the pup takes a hard turn and pulls the handlebars in that direction... or is that not really as much of an issue as I'd envision it to be? What is the name brand of that from the get-go" scooter?
  5. All you folks out there who own or have used a dog scooter, maybe you could provide some feedback? I was wondering what you like and/or dislike about the design and features of the different scooters you have used. Just things like the make and model you've used. What prompted you to purchase the particular you model you have? What are the design elements you would have changed/improved? What are the things you thought was a really good idea? I'm rendering a scooter similar to the Rhino dog scooter design right now (see pic below). But that design may change if warranted. Any opinion
  6. Most of that type of craftwork is made from 16 gauge galvanized... which is approximateley 1/16th of an inch thick. All of the above pictured items were made from that mat'l. Those particular items measure at about 11.5"x 18" at their widest points, but I can stretch, scale and modify any pattern to the individual's needs. The cutting table I use can fit a sheet of steel that measures 5ft X 10ft max. 3/8" plate (armor) on vehicles will do drastic things to your gas mileage, but will win in most any collision!
  7. They are a developing a pretty good reputation at the hobbyist level. I've not used their development software (I mostly use AutoCad for my drawings anyway). The appealing part of their machines (the 48"x48" table... not sure about the other models) is that you can put your hand held plasma torch, oxy acetylene torch or even a felt tip pen in the cutting arm for a wide variety of cutting choices. Making it possible to cut anything from thin gauge copper up to thick steel plate. I think you can even mount a router on to the beam for cutting wood, plastic, etc... (?). I think their tables are a
  8. They make life much easier for my line of work. My next spare time project is going to be a custom made, all terrain dog scooter. I have all the materials and parts and a decent idea on the design. Now I just need the spare time!
  9. Would this type of item interest anyone? I'm a CNC programmer to a Sheetmetal company and have many different patterns... from garden art, any type of animal you can think of (all breeds of canine too! Including AIDogs), cars, boats, etc... I just had these cut as Xmas/B-day presents. Made from a piece of galvanized steel. I still have to paint them. You can see an AIdog, a white shepard, a lab. And I can program any word, phrase etc.... Everything is custom made for the individual. This is just a hobby of mine.
  10. Todd, You appear to be a fairly new member to this forum, so I just wanted to say "hi" and "welcome". I've really enjoyed the contributions you've made to the discussions I've eavesdropped into. The "spit" comment I just read made me L-O-L. It TOTALLY makes sense!!!. But funny none-the-less! I just wanted to say that.
  11. Point well taken. When I was a young man, my family had a pitbull & I'm not entirely sure this typa restraint would have worked w/ her particular... shall I say... "intensity". So I'd say the success of the collar depends largely upon an individual pup's tendencies. That's sad about your friend's dog.
  12. We got Niki a wireless fence a few months back. It is way less work and a lot cheaper than putting a fence around my entire property. The transmitter we got is adjustable & covers up to a 1/4 acre radius around it (1/2 acre circle), which is more than adequate for an active AIDog. Plus they come w/ car adapters for camping trips and what-not. It took Niki *no time* to learn her boundaries w/ the collar on medium/high settings for about a week. After that, she knew exactly where to stop. We have now put the collar on "beep" mode [no shock], and she has NEVER left the our property. We even l
  13. My gosh Tim, I can't even imagine........... So very sorry to hear of such a thing. I don't think I'll ever forget reading about this. Warmest condolences to you and your family during such a difficult time.
  14. Newc

    Sandy X Jay

    OK.... now I'm confused . Is that DEFINITELY Jay Silver Heels? I've been lead to believe that dog is Luka. If that dog is not Luka... then this is........ Both this dog and the one being called Jay Silver Heels were right next to eachother when Kim pointed to them and said "there is Luka over there". (Luka is my dog's father). I took pictures of both dogs... just to be safe.
  15. Newc

    Dog Names

    NIKITAKI (pronounced "Nikita-key"). aka Niki...Nikita.... (sometimes "kitty"): My children chose the name Niki. Based on a cartoon they loved about a dog. I figured there would be a Nicky already in the registry, so I decided to try to make it unique. If you say Nikitaki a couple time really fast it starts to sound like "Nicky-Nicky" (another nickname)
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