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  1. IF YOU DON'T HAVE PETS PLEASE SEND THIS TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY THAT DO. I am passing on an email I received from a volunteer at the Austin Humane Society. This is all I know or have heard about this subject. Even if you don't have a pet, please pass this to those that do Yesterday one of our dog agility friends experienced a tragedy and wanted me to pass a special message along to all of my dog loving friends and family. Please tell every dog owner you know. Over the weekend the doting owner of two young lab mixes purchased Cocoa Mulch from Target to use in their garden. They loved the
  2. Nothing special just working part time at a small gas station. It's the Doctor appointments that are getting me. The baby has some kidney problems that I have to take him to Nashville for which is about 3 hours away from me. So part time is all I can do right now.
  3. When we decided to get an American Indian Dog I started Looking online for an Indian name for her. I found TarevaChine (Shnay) it said that it was native american for Beautiful eyes. With Sassy the first picture of her she looked sassy so we decided to name her Sassy Sioux
  4. Yes it was my B-Day and Thank you. Yes I am busy I need to be cloned. I recently got a part time job and between Doctor appointments for the baby I don't have time for anything.
  5. That is a cool tat. I have thought about getting a picture of Tareva done to add to the 10 or so tats that I already have.
  6. Here is a couple of Tareva and Blake.
  7. This is a picture of Blake and Sassy. Blake was sleeping and I went to do something and came back to check on him and this is what I found.
  8. Hi Ophelia, We have had both of our dogs sent via plane from Or. To Ky. They both did fine and both were picked for us by Kim sight unseen. Our girls are great with our daughter who is 7 now and was 4 when we got our first dog Tareva. I now have a 2 month old baby boy and if he makes any sound they are both there to check on him and make sure he is ok. Tareva is more the protector then Sassy is. Sassy just wants to play but she is only 6 months old. Good luck getting your pup.
  9. He is well protected. When he makes a sound Tareva is right there to check on him. Sassy still really don't understand. She thinks that he is just another pup and wants to play.
  10. The baby is doing great he is growing like a weed. The girls are warming up to him pretty good. Here are a couple of pics.
  11. I like the hand out idea. I played around with a business card once with a picture of Tareva on it and put her name and my name and then all of Kim's information address and web site. Never passed any out just played around with it on the computer to see what they would look like.
  12. As of 3 weeks ago Sassy was 30 pounds and Tareva was 40 pounds. I havent been able to mesure exactly how tall they are cuz they will not stand still long enough. Sassy is a Dec 19 pup and Tareva is our 2 year old AIDog.
  13. I live about 30 miles from a portion of the trail of tears. They have a trail of tears pow wow every year i have yet to make it to this pow wow. Maybe one day I will be able to take Tareva and Sassy to it. We took Tareva to one in Nashville and she was a hit.
  14. Well I had my baby 5-14-2008 His name is Blake Tramayne and was 7 lbs. 5 ozs. 19 inches long
  15. Shannon/Kevin


    Here is a pic of Sassy when we first got her.
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