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  1. No,.. Really? Anything online that we can listen to and over which we can ridicule you? Really,..I'll be kind. Promise. I can trade for my band, Agitated Natives.
  2. Frankie Doodle Our Canadian friends call their dog Frankie Doodle. How great is that. Here he is, appearing to take over Versailles with his charm. Jackie & Ron Ainey Owners Vancouver Island, BC Canada
  3. She looks tired. I still wouldn't want to challenge her.
  4. It can be very scary, but you have to stand up to them. Remember that you can sit on them and crush them. Don't be afraid. You are a human! You've killed mammoths! Do it once, and you may never need to do it again. You should not give the raw bones again, until you are ready. And be ready. Start with something less, a chew stick, but do not let go. Hold him/her by the scruff, and take it back. Stand up and show that it is your bone. It is a show. You are alpha. If they growl and try to take it away, you have to chase them down and get it back. Several times I have had to do th
  5. Denise, It is all heartbreaking to see big animals kept in this way, and I hate what is happening to our brother Wolf, but I have to admit that I did laugh. Although I wouldn't laugh in front of a Tiger, or a Lion, or a Cougar, Bear, or an Orangutan, or a Cassowary: "Cassowaries have a reputation for being dangerous to people and domestic animals. During World War II American and Australian troops stationed in New Guinea were warned to steer clear of them. In his 1958 book, Living Birds of the World, ornithologist Ernest Thomas Gilliard wrote: The inner or second of the three toes is
  6. Yeti is confirmed pregnant, and we are all very excited. I am sure that Greg will soon follow with details and photos. Congrats to all those on the waiting list!
  7. I need some muscular arms to go with the tank tops. Anyone? They look really good.
  8. Moderators, area reps, etc., I am working on a glitch that has left our moderators without their moderating tools. I will be removing all special designations for a time. Please do not worry. We love all of you. Everyone will be IIDOBA Members as we resolve the problem. During this time, you should use the PM system to contact me with any moderator issues. The Admins.
  9. Oh my gosh, I have not heard of this. It has not been a problem in the kennels. Do you go to dog parks?
  10. Allison

    Goldie X Shep

    Goldie had pups last night. More news to follow. I know you are all excited, but try to be patient. I wouldn't be patient. I don't know what I am talking about. I'd be mad with excitement. But that is one of the reasons we love the forum. Squeal all you want, right here. Ask all your questions right here. We have to leave the new mother alone with her pups, and dare I use the "W" word? WAIT
  11. Allison


    Love those photos, but hey, those are some really big ears! There should be an award for the pup with the biggest ears. You know how some breeds have to grow into their feet, well... Really lovely. We actually do this every year, make fun of the biggest ears, and I think Rooster is in the running.
  12. I did read that. What a crazy and kind of fun article.
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