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  1. What a surprise finding Aiyana in the calendar ! She was such a wonderfull dog !
  2. Sandra


    Hi there, Here's an update on Kyona. She 's doing great ! A real sensitive and shy doggie but oh so sweet !
  3. Sandra


    He is so handsome ! Those floppy ears ! ! What a cutie. Our Kyona-Mai never displayed bad puppy behavier either. No need for though love so far. She is very easy going. She is now just over a year old. Quote Allison " was reading some things on a Wolf Rescue site, and they talked about something they call the "lick, lick, nip". It is a show of affection " My labrador Quinto does the same, he just loves to welcome me by taking my hand in his mouth; I guess he likes the feel ...
  4. Oh Guy wat erg ! Het spijt ons zo! Heel veel sterkte ! Guy, so sorry , we wish you strenght ! Sandra & Michael
  5. Hi there to all the owners in Belgium and the Netherlands, Does anyone fancy a " wandeling " somewhere this year ? The last one has been several years ago. Wouldn't mind organising one. I would love to meeting and seeing others AID's (and their owners too offcourse) in person. Just let me know if anyone is interested ! To Guy and Marcel : maybe you have the contacts to get the word around ? Sandra & Michael Kyona-Mai
  6. Sandra


    She is indeed a pretty girl (not a boy ) and real gentle and friendly. A few weeks ago she wasn't that friendly towards our chicken . She must have thought it was a cool toy and had a blast with it. The pour thing ! The moment we noticed what was going on our chicken seemed to be be near dead . It survived bus hasn't layed an egg since. I didn't think it would survive but hey, they seem to be strong birds ! Here are some moving pictures of Kyona and Quinto in the snow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBsCkcEu60Q
  7. Sandra


    Marcel, your dogs look great ! Always fun going into the snow with the dogs. Compared to previous years we had a lot of snow this winter in Belgium. Here are Kyona-Mai and Quinto having fun:
  8. You are not alone indeed ! Softies here too ... All our pups sleep in our bedroom from day one, they have a dogbed next to our bed and when they whine we can reached out with our hand to confort them. The first few nights there is a lot of getting up to let them pee but it surprises me everytime how quick they sleep the whole night trough. Now Kyona picked up the habit , during the night , she quitly sneeks up onto the bed and curls up at my feet and I ... I love it ! Often on sunday mornings we have the whole family in our bed : there is us , our 3 kids and our 3 dogs ...
  9. Kyona-May and Quinto decided it would be a good idea to start the year 2010 with dancing in the snow: Happy New Year to all of you !
  10. Kyona is intriged by our barncats. She doesn't really know how to deal with them. She is curious yet cautious. Those kittens are so strongminded and so full of themselves, they don't lack selfconfidence ...
  11. Hi Kim, Nooka looks great ! He's a half brother of our Kyona, they have the same mama ( Neeci) . Zo spannend, weer een pup naar onze lage landen ! Pics aren't up yet. We are all waiting and being curious ! ! Sandra
  12. Michael is eager , but we already have 3 kids, 3 dogs , 5 cats , 2 rabbits , 3 horses and a Shetland Pony ( and 2 fulltime jobs) ... the heart says yes , the mind says no ... Damn tempting though !
  13. Kyona is doing great ! The vet did a great job. She was happy and lively that evening when she got home from the vet. The day after she was playing like nothing had happend ! Amasing ! She seems to be a bit smaller compared to Aiyana (if I remember well). She still is a very sweet girl, fascinated with our horses. She likes to keep an eye on them and often I notice a bit of the same behavior our Border Collie had. In dog school she remains to behave a bit timide , carefull en doesn't like to fetch things. She just isn't interested in retrieving things. She's a great family dog, Kim ma
  14. Okay, now I want to go and book a ticket to the US fot the next gathering ! Thanks for sharing this with us Allison ! Wish I was there.
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