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  1. Thank you so much for the intel, Greg! Can't wait to meet all these little faces on Sunday. Do you know how many of these are boys vs girls? I can tell that little red masked fellow's a boy, I've been stalking him since their younger photos!
  2. I'm flying out Saturday night to pick up my puppy this Sunday. I'll be bringing him home on the redeye Sunday night... kind of a crazy whirlwind of a trip but it was the cheapest flight I could find and the only one that worked well with our schedules. Here's hoping I end up with one of the quieter puppies...! I have definitely been obsessively checking the forum for more pictures. It's almost torture seeing all their little faces and not knowing just which one is the face I'll be looking into for the next 15 years. I was thinking you'd get one from the same batch mine is coming from becau
  3. Me either!! So fascinating. Such a handsome boy.
  4. Yes, as far as I can tell there are no direct flights that go to Medford. So you have to account for extra time either waiting at an airport during layovers or driving. I opted to schedule flights to Portland because it's a. cheaper and b. easier to exercise a puppy in a pre-flight car trip during the extra waiting time than in an airport where you're not even allowed to take them out of the carrier. And with such a long flight as it is back to Boston I want to make sure I can get pup good and tired before the plane. Especially because I'm taking the red eye flight home... only time will tell
  5. I love that nose print tattoo. It is so subtle and delightfully abstract... and it does remind me so much of when T's nose just barely brushes against my leg. I imagine that is exactly the mark it would leave - not a full nose print but that lovely angled brushstroke. I used to be so much more into art when I was still in school, drew dogs on just about every piece of paper I could find. Nowadays that's kind of faded away and been replaced with the daily grind. My free time is all but exhausted by caring for Tamarack and my garden. Someday I'd like to do a nice big drawing of Tamarack, tho
  6. So who else is actually on the list vs just thinking about it? I just got THE CALL a few days ago... I'm going to fly out there in a couple of weeks to pick out my puppy!(!!!!). I'd love to know who else is getting a pup from this next batch (either Feather x Jay or Azteca x Jay) so we can keep track of siblings!
  7. woodrat

    4Th Of July 2015

    Happy birthday, Kim!!
  8. Haven't weighed him in quite a while but Tamarack's been almost exactly 50 lbs for the past couple years so I assume he's still around the same. He's not outlandishly tall (22.5" at the shoulder), but he's got a lot of muscle. And to think he came from Newkim, who is just a little nugget of a dog! Mom is Raven.
  9. He has the most interesting and complex markings! Very handsome boy. Happy birthday, Anoki!
  10. I suspect the list builds up pretty quickly, especially since those 'up for grabs' pups got posted. I for one have been added to the list since then and I'm trying not to overdo it with the excitement...but folks...I AM SO EXCITED.
  11. Haha miz molly! I certainly have enough photos for one.
  12. Thanks Greg! And yes, Allison, that's me.. that one's from a hike we did earlier in the season. I don't have too many pics of the two of us, but I do like that one.
  13. Thank you! I meant to add a few more but I can't seem to be able to edit my post. I'll just stick em here. He is an outlandishly photographic animal.
  14. Here we are a year later... how time flies...4 years old today. I wanted to take him out for a fun outing today but we might have to do a rain check to tomorrow. Maybe just a trip to a pet store to pick out a new toy is in order!
  15. Hah! It's funny because T is so used to various noises that he generally just ignores sounds from all the assorted devices that us two-leggeds have. There are a couple that will get him to pay attention, but none have ever gotten him quite so hooked with curiosity as this very particular song. Even recorded dog barks or howls are boring to him. The one sound that will REALLY get him excited is the sound of his best friend's bell that she wears when they go for walks together. The first time I played a video I had of the two of them he ended up ON my desk trying to figure out where on e
  16. I've been meaning to share this since.... last year(!)... and am only just now getting around to it. So for a while Tamarack had this funny habit while riding in the car wherein he would suddenly jump up from an almost dead sleep and quickly assume position with his front feet on the center console and his head right next to mine. This is a pretty common position for him when there is something he is interested in outside of the car that he wants to get a better look at. However, for the longest time I could not figure out what the heck he was looking for because there was never anything a
  17. Maria, how do your pups handle the essential oils? Tamarack hates the smell of them and will act incredibly pathetic as I'm spraying it on and the moment I release him he throws himself all over the place trying to wipe it off on every single thing he can find. I assume the smell is quite strong for him but it's hard to tell if it's actually that uncomfortable or if he's just being overly dramatic (which would not be out of character for him). I can't really tell that the essential oils make much of a difference against fleas and ticks, but it does seem to help keep the blackflies away. I
  18. Oh! I hadn't realized this was a long term issue. When she plays frisbee does she kick up a lot of dust? If T plays chuckit at the beach too much he'll get super goopy eyes while his system flushes out all the sand that gets thrown up in his face. But that goop is just clear with sand particles in it. The yellow color makes me think it might be something more than just that. Hmmm.
  19. It could just be all the pollen floating around in the air this time of year. I've seen lots of goopy eyes in all the dogs I work with and Tamarack had exactly this same issue for a couple weeks earlier in the spring...I was cleaning yellow gunk out just about every time turned to look at him. I opted not to do anything about it medically and let his immune system deal with it, which it did. If it's not bothering her too much I would say let it go for a while to see if it improves on its own. How long has she had the goobers for so far?
  20. It was so much fun!! Shiloh is the 1st AIdog other than Tamarack that I've actually met, so it was so neat to compare and contrast personalities and to see how many of those little quirks run in the family. Tamarack scolded Shiloh a little bit for being a puppy (as he tends to do with most youngsters), but they did really well together. There was a brief bout of tug o war with a root that I wish I'd had my camera out for! If only it were easier to travel around the country - it would be fun to get T and Auntie Chhaya together!
  21. woodrat


    Look into an X pen! They are super handy things to have when there's a puppy in the house. They keep the puppy contained but still give them enough room to move around and play etc. http://www.amazon.com/Midwest-Exercise-Pen-30-Inch-Black/dp/B000H8YTJI You just have to train the pup not to jump on the wire so they don't push it around too much, but that's usually pretty easy to do. As far as crate training - the reason it works so well is because puppies are hardwired to understand the concept of a den. A wild canid raises pups in a den, which is, of course, a small enclosed space. Once
  22. woodrat


    Suggestion #1: keep that puppy contained! Baby gates, x pen... anything that will create a very distinct area that Jalu CANNOT escape from. If he is that nippy he needs to not have free range, especially if your son is afraid of him. A frightened child is going to make quick, frantic movements which are immediately seen as things to chase and grab in the eyes of a puppy. Your son and your puppy should only ever interact in a positive manner. That is so, so, so important if you want to build a bond between the two. It's up to you to structure the situation in a way that both your puppy and your
  23. Yes, JJ Jordan, your pup is Tamarack's half brother And no, Tamarack's top coat is very sleek and glossy, but not unusually soft. I wish he was though! And I stand corrected, Tamarack is not almost 5 but almost 4. I get confused ALL the time because it simultaneously feels like I just got him and also like I've had him forever. I can't remember what it was like to not have him in my life. He has also become very mature lately in his temperament. He reserves his silly moments for special occasions and now tends to have a much more sophisticated air about him. I think he will do fantast
  24. Maria, is Chhaya graying out as she gets older? I swear T looks lighter and lighter every year. It's especially apparent on his haunches, which are hardly black at all now. He is almost 5 (WOW where did the time go) now and already has a white outline to his lips so I think he will go quite gray in the face early on as well. BC Jackie, they all have varying coat lengths, but T has definitely gotten a thicker stole as he's gotten older. He had one in the winter when he was younger, too, but this year's was just downright impressive. He gets a lot of comments on his chest marking! I've always
  25. Thanks everyone! No, Miz Molly - not a professional, just a dog lover with an outdated SLR camera LOL. maria, he's out of Raven x Newkim - so he is a half sibling to all of the new Raven pups that are popping up everywhere! They are chocolate Tamarack's and their cute faces are killing me. I am DYING for another pup!! I actually meant to send Allison another similar photo of him without the 'mink stole' and have her post them side by side to illustrate the difference between the summer and winter coat, but I forgot
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