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  1. Ohh my goodness the puppy fever is real strong. That little blonde curly nugget!
  2. woodrat


    This is, without doubt, my biggest fear. So far we've been lucky while hiking and have not had any serious incidents, but I also bike them quite a bit and that's when things get a little scarier. We often bike on roads and when we do, I have both dogs hooked up on pretty short lines on the right side of my bike to keep them safely on the side of the road - which works exceptionally well and they trot happily along beside me for as long as I can go. But if we ever run across an off leash dog I can't get off my bike fast enough to unhook my dogs before the dog is upon us, which means my dogs hav
  3. Can't wait to see these little buggers! I'm gearing up for pup #3 sometime this spring and it's making these litter announcements all the more exciting.
  4. I used to use kibble as training treats for Rune when he was a nugget but I had a real problem with him not being excited about plain old kibble. I used to mix in just a tiny bit of feta cheese and smash it all around so the smell coated all the kibble. That significantly increased it's value!
  5. Backsliding was what Rune was famous for. He'd go a couple weeks sleeping through the night perfectly in his crate and then suddenly with no warning it was like he forgot everything and started over screaming at the top of his lungs all night long. This went on for months and months and got so bad at one point I resorted to sleeping in a tent in my yard for a week and left him in the house to scream. Wish I had some suggestions, but by 9 months I had to give up crate training all together because he was becoming a danger to himself every time I had to leave him home. He didn't mind the cr
  6. The overstimulation issue gets easier between 1 and 2 years of age and then again especially after 3, at least for mine it did (and neutering helps it tremendously). Rune still has some issues with it and always will, but is much more easy to manage and doesn't lose his mind completely anymore (very often at least). I used to think I only wanted one, and then I thought 2 was more than enough... but let me tell you, it's a slippery slope. If you're anything like me, once Darmok hits 3 and his training has reached a level where you can let your guard down and start to rely on him to do what
  7. Somebody needs to tell Rune he's not a 'yote In all seriousness though, I am very careful about Rune in particular because he IS coyote colored from a distance and these dogs move a bit more 'wild' than your average dog. Both of my dogs normally wear bells when we're in the woods as well as orange during hunting season - really can't be too careful, it only takes one lapse in judgement on the hunter's part. Our coyotes here are much larger than the western ones, have been shown to have wolf DNA from passing through Canada before making their way down to New England. Based off the
  8. Well that runs in the family! Her brother Rune does The Groan too, often so dramatically I can't not laugh at him
  9. They are siblings from two different litters - Rune will be 3 end of May and Shiloh is from the previous year's litter out of the same parents (Azteca x Jay Silverheels)
  10. Samie - no, not longhair. Just... curly
  11. Oh my... curly pups!!!! I've fallen in love with the curly haired ones after meeting Lyndey's Myka here in NH, it's such an endearing trait!
  12. Rune gets that quite a bit too. Once I had a hunter emerge out of the woods on a walk and tell me he shot a coyote in that exact place a year prior that looked exactly like him. I can see where people get confused, if you've ever seen a coyote in its summer coat the general lankiness and body shape is quite similar to our dogs. And Rune's got the sable coloration, black tipped tail, etc., but his face is very much dog! Here's a fun picture of Rune hanging out with an actual honest to goodness coyote who belongs to some friends of mine (she's very young in this pic, only about the size
  13. Thank you for that information, Greg! I agree - kudos to his new owner for adopting him despite the diagnosis. I hope his recovery continues to go smoothly, and so glad he found such a great home!
  14. Heartworm is life threatening. It is extremely expensive to treat, very taxing for the dog's body, and requires a good many weeks of inactivity (imagine how fun it is to crate rest an AIdog for weeks on end) to prevent complications/sudden death as pieces of dead worm passing through can block blood vessels when blood accelerates. It's also spread very quickly from one animal to the next... any mosquito that feeds on an infected animal (Jay) and then bites another animal nearby (any other dog or puppy at SDK) can easily transmit HW...hence the concern(!)
  15. Jay has heartworm?? That is very serious. Hope recovery goes well... he is Rune's dad as well.
  16. Another fun thing to do with boxes - especially for younger pups - is take a big ol' box, cut a bunch of slits all over it, and wedge ALL their toys into it to create one giant interactive literal toy box. This was Rune's favorite thing when he was a nugget! He would chew on it, yank on it, tug it, thrash it, shred it, and, when all was said and done, sleep in it.
  17. Oh the whining... by far my least favorite of Rune's many 'quirks', even worse than that blood curdling scream he does when he sees something he can't get to. (At least the scream stops.) Rune was relentless. It didn't matter how many times I took him out to exercise, the whining would start up again immediately upon returning indoors. I ignored it... because nothing I ever tried did anything to stop it, and everything I tried involved giving him attention in some way, shape, or form, which only seemed to make him do it more. It's a form of communication after all and in theory communicati
  18. What I wouldn't give to get her and Rune in a field together! Can never get over how similar they look.
  19. These are great photos!! Love that last one of Coffey, that devious twinkle in his eye that I think we all know so well... From how you've described Tayamni's personality she's always reminded me of Tamarack... and in these photos I can see it too, always with the pensive expression.
  20. Not my own dogs', but I've tried dog hair in general and it doesn't work as well as actual wool. It's do-able but it doesn't felt down as easily or as neatly, so it takes much longer and looks pretty shaggy!
  21. When I do this again I think I will have my next pup shipped. Tamarack was shipped to Boston without issue, and several years later I flew to SDK to pick up Rune and brought him back as carry on and the experience was a nightmare I hope to never repeat. While I absolutely loved visiting SDK and experiencing the dogs and would like to do that part again, it was SO stressful trying to make it through the airport and plane ride with a puppy that wouldn't. stop. screaming. Also worth noting that when you carry a pup on a plane they don't check for what shots they've had.. so Rune had had absol
  22. Rune was about a year when I started training him, and T older... there's definitely an advantage to starting young to get them used to the equipment used, and to take advantage of that youthful vigor! Rune LOVES it and will pull to his hearts content. We recently found a rail trail nearby and have been doing 6-8 miles with him pulling me on the bike. Wipes him out entirely for the rest of the day, a good run like that. Tamarack is more like your Kai, very sensitive and really just goes along with it, doesn't actually do much pulling. But he's getting better about it, he used to try to lag beh
  23. I want one of these puppies so bad!!
  24. My two pull a dog sled (and really it's just one that does the pulling)! So yes, no doubt two can pull a sulky Do it! It's so much fun! I've come to the conclusion that I need more dogs, though. I'm totally hooked on dog powered sports. I need a sled dog team. Of AIdogs. Then maybe my life will be complete.
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