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  1. Excited to see these pups. Little Rune nieces and nephews!
  2. Oh, another thing worth mentioning! I have absolutely noticed that my dogs require significantly more food in the wintertime. They burn a lot of calories keeping themselves warm during winter as we are outside a lot regardless of temperature. They generally start packing on weight in the spring when temps turn and that's when I know it's time to start gradually decreasing meal sizes to summer rations.
  3. Here is a photo of one of mine from the top to show what I mean about the hourglass figure. Ribs and hips are the widest, waist is small and narrow. All 3 of my dogs show this figure when viewed from above, but Yonder (in this photo) has the narrowest rib cage (though that may be due to her young age).
  4. How old is he? It is quite normal for dogs' metabolisms to slow down as they mature into a full fledged adult around 3-4 years of age and can very often start packing on pounds if fed the same amount as when they were younger. Being neutered will also have a similar effect. Working in the dog industry for the past decade has allowed me to see this happen again and again and again... dog is young, lean, healthy up until 1-2 yrs... gets neutered, immediately starts packing on lbs dramatically because the vet never told the owner to reduce food intake. Exercise will only get a dog so far, they re
  5. Absolutely lovely photos of a handsome pup! They really are awesome hiking dogs.
  6. She's definitely got a nice personality, but mostly I like her energy. She has a zest for life and action that is a bit reminiscent of Rune. I love it!
  7. Goodness would I ever love to have a Tori pup. (Is 4 dogs too many??)
  8. No, that website is in no way associated with Kim's dogs. I think they may have used some of Kim's dogs initially in their breeding program, but the dogs they have now look little to nothing like Kim's dogs so I'm guessing they've crossed lots of different things in. I've seen quite a few photos of the European "indian dogs" and they very often have obvious wolf content. There are quite a few breeders out there producing those dogs now in Europe. This is the website for Kim's approved European breeder: https://www.indiandogs.ch/ I have had conversations with Embark about Kim's dogs and
  9. I use Wholistic Pet Organics supplements for my dogs. One of my boys is 8 and the other is younger but has arthritis issues so I consider a good joint supplement to be very important for their health. I have heard many people say that this company's 'Run Free' supplement has done wonders for their older arthritic dogs so this is what I use on my arthritic boy. I use their 'Canine Complete Joint Mobility' as well for all 3 dogs as it is a good all around supplement and probiotic that also has joint aid benefits. Both supplements are a powder sprinkled over their food and none of my 3 even seem
  10. This is a tricky situation, but I can very easily see how one could get here. Two of my dogs as puppies were relentless when there were other dogs and toys around - exactly as you describe; anytime an adult dog picked up a toy the young one would rush in and yank it out of their mouth and run off to hoard it. But it was obvious that it was never the toy that was important to the puppy, it was about making sure the big dog never got anything the puppy didn't also have. As you say, much like children. My personal opinion is that in order to maintain a structured environment for our packs to live
  11. You got so many great shots of the beach trip!
  12. My heart breaks for you. Ten is not long enough. He lives on in all of your memories, may the fondest ones come drifting back when they are most needed.
  13. P.S. if anyone out there has a puppy from Goldie x Shep I've got loads of puppy pictures I'd be happy to share!
  14. Well, I am finally getting around to this very long overdue update. It's been quite a summer for us here (and there, and everywhere!) and now as the cooler fall air is creeping back in we're finally starting to settle down into a new routine. It was a summer I will never forget, though, and one I already miss. This year was the year I was able to bring a long time dream of mine to fruition - to drive Tamarack and Rune from New Hampshire back 'home' to Oregon to visit Song Dog. It was one of those things you dream about and never expect to actually happen, and yet, somehow, everything fell
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