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  1. Marie


    Hi Indi's mom, Tulip lives with Robert and me, and her big brother Spiritt. I have pictures of Ski on our Indian Dogs In Action website. Go to "photos" "scent & tracking" There are several photos of Ski at the begining of that page. Where can I see photos of Indi? Marie
  2. Glad you liked the site. It's a huge compliment coming from you. That's Tulip in the avatar photo. I know Spiritt is kind of a girly name, but he fits it perfectly. LOL Marie
  3. Hello everyone, I just put up some new photos and the September events schedule on the ACTION site. You will find Julie and Pepsi on the Agility photo page and Spiritt and Tulip with Robert and me on the Frisbee page at the Palo Alto Play day. Under events will be the September schedule. Marie
  4. Great photos of a fun-loving bunch of folks and dogs. Looks like you all had a great time! Love seeing JD, River Hawk and Skyliner in action. I recognize some of the people like Rachel and Daniel, but it would be nice to have names with faces. Wish we could have been there. Oh well, maybe next year. Marie
  5. Hi Lisa, I just went on line and ordered one. I've been using a flea comb, but this looks better. Thanks for the suggestion. Marie
  6. Hi Gea, We had so much fun. Of course, Spiritt and Tulip have a very long way to go to get even half as good as some of those dogs, but we will enjoy getting there. Thanks for looking at the photos. Marie
  7. Hi all, I just put up a few photos from last Saturday in Dixon, CA. It was the Pups-N-Pubs disc dog event. Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate hosted and did a great job getting us through the event and the heat. The photos can be seen on the "action" site. Go to photos then frisbee and scroll down to Dixon. Marie
  8. Hi Allison, Dixon was an oven yesterday. The DiscDogg club of the Golden Gate had all the bases covered though. There was plenty of iced bottled water, dunk tubs for the dogs, etc, etc. Everyone was just fine. Some dogs didn't like the heat and just didn't perform. Spiritt and Tulip, on the other hand, were anxious to participate the whole time. It was only one minute of toss and fetch per round and only two rounds. The dogs were out in the sun for only 2 min. each while doing the Frisbee. The rest of the time was spent under shade canopies, dripping wet from being in the soak tub, plenty
  9. Hi Allison, Just been so very busy lately. Sometimes I like winter better than summer when not much is going on and I can curl up with a good book and listen to the rain. LOL This morning we are headed for Dixon and the Frisbee competition. It's going to be hot, hot...112. We don't have a clue of what we are doing with Frisbee yet, but the top people in the country are going to be there and they just LOVE to help out beginners. Looking forward to a great time, even thought it will be hot. Marie
  10. I just put up some photos of Pepsi and Julie doing agility trials on July 8 & 9 in Oregon. They are on the "agility" photos page on Indian Dogs In Action Marie
  11. Hi Cyndi, I posted to the Google chat group an announcement about the gathering. I also included some photos from last year to help entice some people to attend. Unfortunately, at this time, it doesn't look like we will be able to make it. Marie
  12. Hi Cyndi, I'll be glad to announce the gathering on the Google chat group. The group wouldn't mind hearing from you on the subject too, I'm sure. :-) You are so good at drumming up enthusiasm. Marie
  13. Hi Allison, Thanks for the compliments on the photos. Actually, they are nothing without the fabulous dogs doing what they do. I would like nothing better than to make a living with photos, but that will have to wait until we are ready to retire. Then I can really play at it. Marie Thanks for the info. I will utilize those resources more in the future. Actually, I thought I was doing a hyperlilnk. Robert showed me the error of my ways. Is this what I need to do? Indian Dogs in Action Website ? Hope that works. Thanks, Marie cool...it works!
  14. A couple of reasons actually. 1) There are 57 new photos on the action site as of yesterday and I don't feel it's appropriate to load up the forum with them, especially when we have a site specifically deisigned to share photos of our dogs in action. 2) It's time consuming to get these photos on line and I prefer to do it only once. Here is one of Tulip to wet your whistle. In case you are wondering, she missed it. :-(
  15. Forgot to mention that I also have some new photos on the Scent and Tracking page. These are of Skarro (Ski), who is a professional drug tracking dog...he is also Tulip's littermate. A very handsome dog doing a very important job. Marie
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