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    Love spending time with my family. We do allot of camping, hiking and working on home improvement projects.<br /><br />Hawk is the most wonderful dog I could ever have. And I have had allot of dogs in my life.<br /><br />

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  1. Sir Scout had his heartworm test last week. I had a bet with my husband on what his weight would be. I won the bet! Scout is 55lbs. Growing up so fast. I had to look back at early puppy pictures, boy was he little compared to now. Are any of Scouts litter mates out there? Would love to see what they look like. Tori and Red Hawk litter.
  2. I always thought that was a funny phrase to use when referring to the heat. How are all of you doing with this unusually hot weather, at least for Oregon or more so your four legged friends coping with it. Sir Scout is doing just fine. We have air conditioning so that helps. Some times he just wants to lay in the sun for awhile until he can't bear it any longer. One thing he enjoys is biting at the sprinklers when they go off in the mornings during the week. I have one big pet peeve. Why do people insist on walking their dogs in the heat? I so want to ask them to take their shoes off and see i
  3. Sir Scout is wanting to know what his siblings are doing and what they look like. Please, if you haven't registered yet do so.
  4. Last night we had kind of a scare with Scout. I was working in the flower beds, weeding and trimming. Well Scout being silly Scout grabbed a limb from our Quince tree and preceded to chew on it like he does with other sticks. I looked up to see him franticly running around the yard trying to get something out of his mouth. I figured he got a stick stuck in his throat. I panicked because I couldn't see it. My husband came to my and Scouts rescue and found that he had a thorn stuck in the roof of his mouth. If you have never seen a Quince it has thorny branches. He calmly pulled it out and Scou
  5. Lisa

    New Name

    A SirScout update. He came through his operation yesterday with no problems. Just a very sleepy boy. Today he is back to his naturally silly self. Its hard to keep him from running and chasing the pesky squirrels. He weighs 45 lbs. and is still growing like a weed. He has lots of floppy fur to fill out yet. I think he's going to top 50-55lbs.
  6. Lake Girl I used the same "recipe" for skunk defunkification. My beloved Hawk was skunked 3 times over his 14.1/2 years. That combination worked great every time.
  7. Lisa

    New Name

    Thanks Molly. Monday he goes in for his "surgery". Maybe it will calm him down a bit, we can hope! Scout can be such a love bug and then such a stinker at the same time.
  8. Those are some handsome pups.
  9. Lisa

    New Name

    Thanks to you also Berta and Frankie for a fun, fun visit. Frankie is a real beauty too. She definitely knows she is "queen bee". Love her grace and assurance of who she is.
  10. Lisa

    New Name

    SirScout in action.....
  11. Lisa

    New Name

    For those who may not know about Hawk that I refer to, this is his picture on my page. He was just about the age Scout is now when we took it.
  12. Lisa

    New Name

    Today Scout's papers arrived. He is legally SirScout, but Scout for short. I love seeing who all he came from. He has my Hawk's family genes running through him. I know there are a lot of similarities between Scout and my beloved Hawk. Hope Scouts litter mates show up soon on the forum, would love to hear about his siblings.
  13. Since our dog park opened back up last week Scout and I have been finishing our daily walks with a jaunt in the park. He just loves running with the other dogs and getting more socialized. Yesterday he played with his "girl friend" as I called her. She is a month older, looks like part german shepard and has the same coloring as he. They hit it off right from the get go. On Monday June 29 Scout goes in for his neutering. I can't wait, he's got his moments! Arf Arf from Lisa and Scout, AKA "Rowdy Scouty"
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