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  1. Hi Allison, I know I haven't been around in the forum for some time but think of you all often. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I still miss Shunka a whole lot, he was my protector, and as I now live on my own, I really miss having him around. I still have the malamute, Ruby (Roo), she is a lovely natured dog, but I think she would love a thief to death. she is rather outnumbered by cats to at the moment, not that she minds, she seems quote fond of them all. I heard a child call her the cat dog the other day as Minnie one of the cats always accompanies us on our walks. People stop in c
  2. Would love a couple of these calendars sent to uk, could you manage this ok? i still love looking at all the pictures of the dogs in your beautiful countryside. when i get the courage to travel so far on my own, i shall try and come oer to see some of you all.
  3. I know the sorrrow. of loosing one of these dogs, i still miss my Shunka so much, I don't know if you remember me asking about having a malamute? i have been left with Roo so am not alone without a dog, I read all the horror stories and l;uckily she has no problems I can't deal with. She loves other people and all the children around love her, and i am beginning to teach her not to boss other dogs around! it was arisk taking a rescue dog, and really she was for my brother in law who can no longer live here with me as he has advanced bone cancer, which has affected his pine and pelvis. i have
  4. Over here we can get get battery operated combs that fry the little so and sos, at the moment don't seem to have a problem, but had to wash Shunka once with washingup liquid as he had rolled in something rather nasty and smelly, and it was all I had at the time and found it had killed them outright. Hope i don't get a problem with Roo she is so hairy it could be a nightmare!
  5. Wish i could make the meeting, I miss my boy so , but being with all the others would be great! Roo the rescue malamute has turned out to be a good dog, none of the problems usually associated, she's a real sweetie, now good with the cats, but guinea pigs are the problem, but if they were grey with long tails i would be saying "good girl" Enjoy your gathering,, have fun, i will be thinking of you!
  6. liz

    Forest Fires

    Hello everyone, sorry not to be around for a while, We have been watching these fires on the news over on this side of the pond too, i have been hoping that no-one over there, has been involved so far, just hoping for a lot of rain for you all, We had too much last year, so let it rain like that for you all too!
  7. This all sounds so long ago, but every pup is different, you will need to adjust your training to yours,I know there are different ways of training than there were 15 years ago, and training in the uk may be slightly different from the USA, but you must be the boss or they will be! A lot of training over here is based on reward for deeds well done, but it didn't work for Shunka, he used to spit it out, no bribing him! Which is good really, he never took food from a stranger, no matter how friendly, and even with people he knew he wouldn't touch it. Just before I lost him, someone tried to
  8. Have fun, they soon grow and the different fun begins! but they are gorgeous!
  9. liz

    Tattoo vs Microchip

    Shunka was chipped, just injected whilst he was awake it didn't hurt him. My cats are too. Roo is chipped twice, once by her orignal owners, and once by the RSPCA before we got her, we do have record of both numbers. Know she is a big girl, but still!
  10. Very interesting, just had time for a quick flick, but it seems to me there as almost as many ways to bring up your dog as there are dogs! This makes sense a lot of it though. Glad to see the University of Bristol got a mention, it is just up the road about 35 miles from here, there is an Excellent College for Vetinary surgeons there too!
  11. Yes they are! I miss Shunka so much, but think just now may be not the right time to try and replace him. Must really think it over for the future though. good to hear from you Allison, but they are such beautiful puppies!
  12. Wow,we have had a bad year here with the rain, many people have been flooded but their houses are still standing, I am so glad I live on a hill, in the past it was an island, surrounded by salt marsh, the earliest village here was built on stilts. that would be pre saxon and back in the bronze age. I can't say we don't have hurricanes, sometimes the wind is very strong, but nothing like you guys over there thank goodness. Good luck with the new house, hope the weather is more favourable for us all in 2013, please could I see some sun!
  13. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, I must say though, go for it girl, you will never regret it! these dogs reach into your soul!
  14. I'm afraid I can't get Shunka taught any more, as I have lost him at 15 to cancer, but he used to obey hand signals better than word of mouth. Of course he was here in the uk too, but was as good as any collie.
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