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  1. Hi Allison How are ya doing on the Tribunal Council business? Getting any closer to adding us reps? It is now 4 years I have been a rep. Kim had told me there was some information on there I could use and I am anxious to see it. KK
  2. Waya

    June Pups

    What beautiful puppies. What is it about puppies? Congrats to all you lucky new owners-wonderful group. KK
  3. Waya


    The latest on Tommie (Tomahawk) is that my friend is going to meet Tommie next week. Everybody keep their fingers crossed. KK
  4. Hi Allison Marie emailed me and gave me your address. I will send it privately to make sure it is the correct one. KK
  5. Hi Allison I just spoke to Marie who said for some reason she was unable to post on the forum. She said she emailed you privately but has not received an answer from you about this. Is there a glitch in the system somewhere? Anyway, thought I would let you know about this if you were unaware. Did not know where to post this so hope I got it in the right spot. KK
  6. Hi all I just talked with Kim. He has his power back and said he had a huge electrical storm there. The pictures will be up but not right away. He is doing fine and will be in touch soon. KK.
  7. How exciting- can't wait to see the pics of all the pups! Poor Kim-being without power makes jobs a lot harder and more time consuming. KK
  8. Waya

    New Puppy Parents

    Liz You are soooooo right! fol No MUST mean no. KK
  9. Thanks Allison-just thought I would offer to help if you were overloaded. KK
  10. Well I don't know what is involved in adding people to the Tribunal Council. Just how many are in there now? I am sure all the reps would like to be contributing so maybe we could make this a priority? If you need help doing something, I would be happy to help you. Just say the word. KK
  11. Hi Allison You know that I have been a rep for 3 years or so? I am at a loss why you would have such a long list of people to add to the Tribunal Council. I am sure that that long list of people could be contributing to the Council on important issues. Can you tell me what I have missed? KK
  12. Waya

    New Puppy Parents

    Well said Jan. These pups are a handful when they are young but once they put on a couple of years, they are just the best. Always trying to please you. So sensitive. I believe at this point (Waya is 4) he is so much happier when HE KNOWS he has done the right thing. Moon on the other hand, still has her independent ways but is so happy to be part of our pack-it is just so obvious by the change in her behavior. (adopted from Kim) They are both doing agility now and having so much fun. We are just learning but they are enjoying it I believe. KK KK
  13. Hi Allison Guess I don't understand. Is the Tribunal Council already in existence, I just have not been added yet? KK
  14. Allison and Judy-well lets pick a subject and try it out! KK
  15. Waya


    Hi all I have given another AID owner Suzie's phone number and have spoken to Suzie. There is a possibility of adoption here, just waiting to hear the results. KK
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