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  1. My heart is aching for you. The trip across the rainbow bridge is never easy for those left behind. I always loved reading your updates, and am thankful they are eternalized here so we can re-read them
  2. I always suggest hand-feeding if you experience ANY resource guarding issues. You can play games during this exercise - like impulse control games. Later one, when high value rewards are given I suggest walking by, without making eye contact or engaging with the dog and drop a small treat/kibble at their feet and keep going. That way you approaching while they are so engrossed in such an amazing treat is a positive thing instead of them worrying you'll take their treasure.
  3. All our love to you. This is never an easy chapter
  4. Hey all! I've been trying to get back on her regularly - but life with 3 kids is very distracting (it took an entire day to write this up). Willow is now 8 years old and (while I'm still waiting for her to "get big" since she is a solid 33#) she is ​still​ the best dog. She has been a never-ending comfort, support system, and friend. She has helped me watch and raise my kids, start my business, as my service animal and everything in between. Most recently Willow accompanied me to Song Dog Kennels (Selma, Or) from Florida. It was her 1st (2nd, 3rd, and 4th) flight and she did bril
  5. Oh my goddess. I have been so gone! She is as old as Willow and T! Time is literally flying.
  6. I haven't been really active in so long! I did not know you had a new pup. This is all so exciting. How wonderful!
  7. I am so mad I haven't sent in my deposit yet! That one on top is melting me.
  8. I bet they are absolutely lovely!
  9. Well, I need to send in my deposit!
  10. As far as "puzzle" toys go, they are great mental stimulation. However, some dogs don't enjoy them as much and they are expensive which can be problematic if your pup ends up not liking them. You can try putting kibble (if you use kibble) into an empty 2L bottle and let them shake it out (similar to a kong toy) to see if they are even interested in puzzle toys before you spend money on them.
  11. This was around when I was very active on the forums. I always loved reading about Draco, and then Wicca when she came into the picture.
  12. Nessa

    Xochitl Updates

    She is so perfect. I LOVE your new house. We are currently looking at houses as well. Once we are settled we are also sending out a deposit for another pup XD
  13. I commented on the other thread of yours, but I will comment here as well in case you don't see the other reply. Have you thought about taking her to a doggy daycare or hiring a walker to help her get her energy out through the day? Her not having so much pent up energy will help you with whatever training method you decided to go with. You can try and teach her a solid sit, and once that is down teach her to sit when she greets people to help deter her from jumping with joy. Obviously teach this when she is calm first. Any time you call her, or she approaches you give the "sit" comma
  14. Willow caught her first squirrel when she was about a year old. She let it go immediately once she realized it was going to fight back
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