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  1. Hey, I am not sure how many of you have heard what is happening in Europe at the moment. Next year the European Soccer Championship, over here probably more popular than the Olympics, are being held in the UKRAINE. As the Ukraine governemnt is worried about making a bad impresions to the tourists because of all the street mutts they have ruled to have them killed. But this isn't the worst of it, the dogs are not being put down, they are being tortured and burned alive. I am not posting pictures here, but you can find a lot of them (sadly) in google or facebook. Due to the protests
  2. Wow, this is such a great video!! I think it's always so amazing how dogs react to people
  3. Well, I am planning on a second dog once Scooby is too "old" to work. I don't really mena work, I more mean train and compete. The reason is that Scooby wants a lot of attention and he requests it, plus it's also time and money issue... I don't know if it will be an AID as I am not sure I can get over my anxiety of being locked into a small space with lots of people and if I can't control that I am not flying to the US....but I am still hoping...
  4. Hi you all just wanted to say I have only been so absent as there is a lot of stress here atm for my family, but I am still reading along. I haven't given up hope on one day having one of these great dogs. But in the meantime some pictures, the first three show Scooby and the other two my mum's dog Balou; all the pictures were taken at the beginning of August. My favourite pic is the last one, because it shows Balou's nature, he is pretty much always happy and enjoying life
  5. Thank you all so much! The reason I know his height so precisely is because I had to measure him in order to buy the right size of harness. He needs a special one for pulling the bike, something he enjoys (and I was able to convince my sister to take him as I hate bike riding) ....
  6. doing Agility (the jump is 21.65inches and the dog is 27.55 inches) pulling the bike, Anja is on the bike pulling my friend Hope you enjoy the pics
  7. Not pulling the bike, but doing Agility, I think it shows the fun he is having!
  8. Hi, I can't get my camera to connect with the computer, but this link http://2010.photoroberto.de/?page_id=32&am...&gallery=37 the first 13 pictures he got 3rd place Have to explain, we have so many ticks here that I trim him in the summer so he doesn't try to bite them out Jenny
  9. Well I meant because Kim LaFlamme would like to meet us before sending one of his pups across the ocean. There is no quarantine when a pet comes to Germany. I'm certain about that. But it really doesn't matter, because I absolutely understand he wants to meet us before giving us a dog, and I am convinced it's worth it (not sure about surviving the flight but 100percent sure it's worth it) I misplaced the photo, but yesterday my dog won 3rd place in the Best Mixed Breed of the Show competition at a national and international dog show! He had a blast (the teenager who was in the rin
  10. Hi, ok that was what I thought anyway. But thank you for reassuring me. I will tell her that. But you are right, it isn't easy, but I am absolutely convinced it's worth it and so is Anja. I just kinda glad that I still hvae two or three more years before I can apply for a pup, because I am absolutely terrified of being with a lot of people in a confined space, so right now I can't picture myself on an airplane. But, I have a few years to practice still. Thank you!
  11. Hi, me again with a question. Anja wrote Mr. La Flamme an email with the sales agreement attached. But she hasn't heard back from him yet. Now she was wondering as on the phone he had said that if we/her came to pick up the puppy he would think it possible for us/her to get one and for Anja (who would like a dog sooner than me) to send him the sales agreement, which she has done; but to get back to my point she was wondering if that means she is on the waiting list. I am not sure I'm writting it right, I am really sorry I just had a really hard day and an awefull last week. I
  12. I just got off the phone! Thank you so much! I don't think I have ever learned so much during one phone conversation, my brain is still processing all the information!
  13. The internet just told me that its 1pm over there and its 10pm here so thats nine hours. I was wondering how late we could call, is it ok to call around 9pm, which would be 6am our time? Thank you so much
  14. Hi, I don't have his phone number, and I'm also not sure what the time difference is, right now it's 9:50 pm here. Thanks! Jenny
  15. Hi, sorry I didn't answer for so long, but between my sister falling with the horse and badly injuring her shoulder and other troubles I just didn't have the time. Anja already tried to contact Mr. LaFlamme via Email. Now I have a question, is it possible to give him a call? Anja will be here at my place Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, it would be a perfect chance to call. Maybe someone could ask him if it would be ok, we would really appreciate it! Thank you! Jenny
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