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  1. Hi Daniella, I thought I'd check in on the forum and here you are. Looking at all these pictures makes me want another puppy. Mica is so absolutely adorable. Hope we get a chance to meet the little guy. Corrine
  2. Jake puts his head on our lap, and gives us the "stare" but this usually means "Ah, I'm here, what next?" Jake is going to be 2 in November and there is definately a difference in his behaviour... hard to describe. Even as a puppy, I could see some maturity, but he was mostly about having fun and being a crazy dog. Now people mostly comment with he has such a nice personality." There have been some challenges, but all our hard work is totally worth it!
  3. There is another book by the Monk's called How to be your Dogs Best Friend or something to that effect. It was also very helpful, but the best advise I can give anyone is enroll in a "Puppy Socialization" Class. They will help you with simple things, but I found this to be worth every penny. You dog will love it! Or at least mine did. You can not socialize these dogs enough and the sooner the better.
  4. corrine


    Not one of my finest moments Bwahahaha. These guys are so smart. You have to always be one step ahead of them.
  5. corrine


    Karen, I chased Jake down a steady road, wearing nothing but a nighty in two feet of snow. I mean literally, only a nighty. I watched him! He was only about 10 weeks old, he reached up, unlatched the screen door, and was gone. I am sure my old neighbors are still rolling over in laughter. Oh well! I was lucky, he got about two houses down, I called for him, and he came right to me. Thank goodness! Corrine
  6. There are a handful of Indian dogs meeting at Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert near Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 10:00 am. It will be very casual, and will include some fun events for the dogs which will include swimming, luring/racing, tracking, and Indian dog wrestling. Everyone is welcome to join us. For more details, or if you have questions feel free to email me personally at Corrine.Gordon@shaw.ca. I will certainly be checking the forum as well. Hope you can join us! Corrine PS Click, http://www.ci.gilbert.az.us/parks/popups/cosmo-park.cfm for details on Cosmo
  7. Hi Karen, Our dog, Jake, is about a year and half now, but we still use the crate here and there. House training was a snap and I personally attribute it to the crate. We used to crate Jake at night, but he is now in our room on his own bed and I actually prefer him with us... Recently, Jake stayed at a kennel while we went away for 10 days and I took his crate and his bed, but if you can believe it - He preferred sleeping in his crate. It was one of the best things we did and I would encourage everyone to use one if possible when the dog is young. However, we still had the odd
  8. Hi Allison, Please keep us posted on Coyo... hopefully he is OK. One thing you need to make sure of is that any puncture wounds do not become infected or swell. It can be hard to find a problem given their coats are so thick and they have lots of skin around the neck. Jake had an incident with a Pit about 2 months ago now... The pit was loose at the dog park and the owner oblivious to the havoc the dog was causing. This pit did not like Jake at all and was gunning for him. Jake even submitted to the dog, but the dog wouldn't quite. The owner could be heard screaming for the dog to
  9. I don't have much experience either with huskies, but I will say that the AID is quite unique in many respects. They are a thinking breed so they can learn almost anything if you have enough patience and time. Of the two huskies I have met, they both were a little stubborn - always wanting things their way. The AID will test you beyond comprehension, but with "tough love" as Kim genuinely puts it, they are truly remarkable creatures. If you get a chance to meet Peter's Coydo in Switzerland, you will be amazed by his physical skill, strength and endurance as well as his beauty. M
  10. Kim, What an inspiring story!!! Thank you for sharing. It is truly amazing how many lives have changed due to your efforts with these lovely creatures. Corrine
  11. corrine

    Health Check

    Judy, I am thinking Jake could be in that 60 lbs range too. He is a glutten! Of course we keep an eye on him, but so far so good. Just have to wait and see. Corrine
  12. corrine

    Health Check

    Lisa, That is Great!!! I look forward to seeing the pictures of Hawk and the new pups. Corrine
  13. corrine

    A Deaf Ear!

    Lisa, We use the leash quite a bit to avoid this "not coming" when called. We use this primarily to take him to the "designated elimination spot!" They can be such stinkers sometimes. I have used the "kibble bowl shake" to get Jake back in the house. Corrine
  14. Is it normal to have to teach a puppy of just 11 weeks, who we now have only 6 days, in that way ? Is this the tough loving he needs ? Do we do the right thing, or do we have to let a puppy be a puppy ?? Well this sounds all to familiar. Our Jake is over 8 months now so clearly I am no expert, but when Jake was a puppy I used a similar method. There were times when he was really bad and I felt that this punishment was used only after a verbal correction and depending on the behavior at that time. I would get my dog to sit, then go down, and I would roll him on his back and
  15. corrine

    Health Check

    Yes Lisa we want to see a photo! Our vet says the same thing about Jake. It is interesting though, Jake is 46.6 pounds. I wonder when he'll stop growing. Does anyone know? He is over 8 months now.
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