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  1. I am getting the first one on the left (with the droopy ear)!!
  2. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures! I am on the waiting list, but I don't know what my position on the list is, so I will await word on placement one way or the other. Oh my! They are SOOOOO cute!!!!
  3. Oh so cute! I am on the waiting list. I hope one of these will end up with me!!!
  4. Yes! Would love to get in touch!
  5. Everyone is doing well. We are going through the puppy stages. UGH!!! I took both dogs with me on a vacation to Chincoteague VA. With Sapa it was like having a two year old along!
  6. Two weeks ago today I picked up my new puppy at BWI in Baltimore. She joins Vega who arrived in 2011 (See July 2011 Dog of the Month). "Sapa" is one of Choco and Buff's litter from March 16. She is beautiful! The two get along very well. Vega was one of Chawa and Rowdy's and is brother to Danakka.
  7. Vega (Denakka's brother) has matured so much in the last few weeks! He looks quite different now from that sweet-faced picture on dog-of-the-month. We've started obedience training, and have been going on two-mile walks each evening.
  8. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! The picture was taken right after I got Vega and he was on my front porch. He peered under the porch rail and was stuck for a time long enough to allow the photo! He has matured quite a bit in the last month. I will post new pictures soon! I hope to meet you all one day!
  9. Thanks! Vega is doing well at 3 months. But he is definitely a handful! I've never had a puppy so defiant and stubborn, or as smart and ready to learn. This is a new experience! Will post new pictures soon!
  10. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! Vega (he) is now 3 months old and has changed a good bit since that picture was taken on June 11. Paula
  11. I love the book idea too! I may try something like that for my grandkids who just moved to Colorado. Vega, Denakka's brother, went through a similar challenging time for several days. He would nip, attack and run, and openly defy any commands. Then he got better. I can't say what started it or ended it. He still gets quite uppity at times but overall he's better. Now that he's had two of his three sets of shots, plus rabies, lyme and kennel cough injections, my vet said it was OK to take him for walks around my residential neighborhood, as long as I keep him away from unknown dogs
  12. Congratulations Jonathan and Ashley! Having just gone through the same experience two weeks ago, I know the feeling. Tazer looks much like Vega. It gets better and better (although there is the typical puppy stuff). I found Vega to be so smart and ready to learn. ENJOY! Paula
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