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  1. i am so sorry to hear that.. i do know what that is like. write if you need to..
  2. James

    Photo Of Tarvea

    who are the parents ? pretty face..
  3. James

    Luka X Katchina

    thats a beautiful puppy.
  4. i can never flip mine, they always get stuck in the little cracks in the sidewalk...
  5. she needs booties because on her 2 right paws she only has about 1/2 a paw. when her mom (star spirit, i think) was chewing her out of the sac she caught the tips of the paws and the tip of one ear. so, the nails didn't grow in right and she had to have surgery@ 6 mos. shes ok on grass but during hikes she needs booties. the ground here is brutal. we are thinking of getting them for the other dogs.
  6. Last Saturday was Littlestar's 5th birthday. We got her a new set of booties (she wore the last ones out). Went to the dogpark when it cooled off. I think we were more excited about it than she was...
  7. those pics are unbelievable ! even more so because coyo agrees to wear it for any period of time. nice job! oh yeah, good luck with the rally..
  8. James

    Hi Everyone

    it has been a while since i was on the forum and i see i have a lot of catching up to do. we had a fun small gathering here in arizona. kk and marie and corinne put it together. it was really great meeting the people and dogs. heres some pictures.
  9. Happy Birthday Coyo !!!
  10. actually it was over a bone. littlestar started it. we always watch those two, because there have been incidents before. she was outside with it and i went out to pick up the bone, sky followed me sniffing around, i said "no sky" and she backed off, ears down and started walking away. littlestar went ballistic. there was blood spilled, all mine... but the guy we had watching them did a good job but i don't think was very assertive. so littlestar thinks, i'm in charge. so we just went back to basics again for a while. they are fine now. it was pretty intense for a while though...
  11. i had to break up a serious fight between littlestar and sky the day we got home. we had someone stay at our house watching them, i think they forgot who was alpha and wanted to take matters into their own hands, er, paws.. i tossed littlestar into the pool twice.
  12. it was fun. it rained, snowed and got bitter cold. gray every day. i also got sick for a few days. i always do. every year. it was great to se everyone. we did spend a lot of time babysitting. ate a lot of hot dogs. happy new year.
  13. that is so scary !! i hope shunka is doing ok. did the owner of the other dogs at least pay for your vet bill ?
  14. great story ! i think getting them focused in the first place is the most important thing. you should be very proud.
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