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  1. Merry Christmas from Northern Michigan!
  2. Hey Lady! I knew you would do if !!! Pretty little girl!!., give me a call when you have time!! Glad your home. How did Sitka enjoy meeting his sister?? Judy K
  3. We use a dab of butter!
  4. judyk


    All of our shed constantly. I could make a blanket a week!! With five shedding constantly I have to vacuum daily!! The canister on the machine fills up quite rapidly!
  5. Hi Jennifer-Felix! First, I commend you on knowing this is not the time for you to take a pup. It was a wise and unselfish decision to wait for the right time. It will work better for you and just as important, the pup. You will have handled the stress you're going through and the pup will then be the priority. We currently have five of these pups and have raised ten total. They are an amazing but demanding breed. If there's anything you ever need or want to know, please don't hesitate to throw the questions or thoughts out there. There isn't anything that you will encounter when o
  6. If you're driving, you are ,ore than welcome to stop on Michigan. We have five pups all different personalities. Let us know you're time frame to see if it fits within ours. We have two pups five months old, a three year old, five and seven year olds.
  7. Agree with Allison. The pup has never had a collar or leash on and a long car ride is not the time to try it. He is not used to having anything on so please don't do it during the ride. He will most likely sleep. The pup that just drove home with my husband slept most of the way, the second one that flew in two weeks later was skeptical to get out of the shipping crate and since he had never been on grass before kept low on his belly to attempt to pee! Yep, Karen, the magic number is now five!!! The two little ones sleep, it's like taking a baby for a ride to quiet them! The three o
  8. My husband just drove from Oregon back to Michigan with a pup and she and the other three did well. The pup was NOT crated and the older three took care of her. Even the pups we have had shipped were never crated from Detroit to Northern Michigan. The bond he has with all five of them is remarkable. Be careful where you stop because of parvo and critters. While they will have had their first shot, you never know who or what has stopped for the pee break before you!! Judy Kosloski Northern Michigan
  9. Hi Karen!!!!! Spring is trying to come to northern Michigan. How is everyone in your neck of the woods??? Haven't been on here in awhile! Drop me a line when you have time so we can chat!!!
  10. Hi! We are long time owners and have actually owned 8 of these critters. We have done both ... gone to Orehon and had pups shipped? They do great being shipped. Kim dies not sedate the pups but they travel remarkably well! Just thought I'd chime in cuz it's been awhile supine I've posted comments! Judy K in northern Michigan
  11. Haven't been on the forum much. We have raised eight of these glorious mutts and two had seizures. They were both on a course of phenobarb for a while. These dogs are amazing animals. Bleu had the worse case of the seizures and Zi was milder. They were from different lines. The meds can help and it takes them quite a few days to get their strength back. Both of our dogs were at Michigan State Vet School. Hang in there and be strong for your pup. JudyK in Northern Michigan
  12. Sherab, you are correct. All dogs must be returned to Kim if they don't work out with the family they were placed with. As owners, we cannot replace the dog. Best advise as was given, get ahold of Kim as soon as possible. As Sherab said, there are many people that prefer older dogs and Kim has to re-evaluate the pups before he places them someplace else!
  13. We are in northern Michigan and today it is 40 but supposed to go to below zero tonight. We have over 14 FEET of snow still on the ground. I can appreciate all of the potential owners getting anxious but it is way better to be safe than sorry. To have a waiting list would cause absolute havoc!!! We have had eight of this critters with a ninth later in the year, depending on pups born, waiting list and other factors. Trust me. We have been friends with Kim and Arlene for over 20 years and he really knows what he's doing. There are so many factors to being on a 'list'. Just remember, all
  14. Wow! Kim this has to make you so proud! You are so loved for all you have done for the breed and your friendship to Larry and I is beyond any!
  15. We currently have three and have had four at one time! It's much easier because they train each other! JudyK in northern Michigan
  16. First time I have ever heard this one ... we now have over 100 inches of snow on the ground, it's amazing, and it's still coming down but school has been cancelled up here four times in the last two weeks because of cold weather!!!!!! Really, we live in northern Michigan, in the snow belt, and they can't go outside because it's cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Chief carries a fur pillow around, kneads it and looks like he nurses on it! He has had it since he arrived going on four years ago!!! It is so funny to see this fierce looking creature carrying his pillow with him!!!!
  18. One of ours is over 65 lbs and very tall, one is very short and one is in the middle. So they are all over the map. We've had eight and they are all different in color, personality, height and weight! Your day will come ... all in due time!!!
  19. We have Sesquoia's sister, Red Skye!!!! They look exactly alike!
  20. judyk

    Raw Salmon/ Trout?

    Our first AID, Willie, had salmon fever and was very sick. Don't let your dogs eat other than FRESH fish. The salmon fever is deadly if not caught and treated.
  21. judyk


    We used a crate for about 15 minutes with our second one, the other 6 have never been crated. We just never liked the 'caged' idea. The first week or so my husband would sleep downstairs with the pup and whichever one was down there with them. To each his own, but ours have always had the run of the house! JudyK
  22. judyk

    New Pup Checklist

    Looks like a hack job ! I'm old but I could not figure it out! Oh, well!!!
  23. judyk

    Meet !cake!

    We never had a problem when the AID pups were brought in. BUT our one AID did not like any other dogs, it was ugly!!! Our method has always been everyone meets outside!!! It is extremely rare that an older dog will hurt a pup. Granted they may not be gentle in checking them out. We did have that, but hurt them we have never had a problem and we have always had at least three AIDs at one time. We are currently working on number four!!!! JudyK in Northern Michigan
  24. judyk

    2013 Fall Pups

    Don't get excited until you know for sure the pup is in the air! On one of ours after Kim drove all the way to the airport, he had to turn right around because no critters were being shipped!!!! Trust me, it will happen sooner than you know and your lives will forever be changed!!!! For the good ... it will be a test of patience the first year !!!!!!! JudyK in Northern Michigan
  25. judyk


    They are all talkers at one point or another.
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