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  1. Saya my shiba met two male New Guinea singing dogs. He was on the way to Florida and he passed by my town so we met he wanted to meet a shiba inu so I came over to the park to meet him. Saya really liked Rusty the male singer at first she was bit defensive, but after meeting him when he was in his crate she met him a second time and wanted to play. New guinea singing dog pictures Nothing to do with American Indian dogs, but thought you guys might enjoy the pictures of the singers and Saya.. The two singers at the park's zoo were making noise must heard the singers in his van.
  2. None of the pure catahoula sorry we never had digital pictures and no disposibles when we had them sorry. Here's Dink our catahoula mix she had to be put down at age 15 http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii318/bluedogt/042-3.jpg
  3. Hi I live in Lafayette, Indiana I've posted before, but haven't been to active been busy doing a lot a things. I'm interested in American Indian dogs their look and personality interest me I love primitive type breeds. I currently own a 2 year old B&T shiba inu and take care of my parent's 2 years old white boxer named Bella. My past dogs are GSD mix, two boxers, catahoula mix, and fostered two pure catahoula. I'm 25 years old and I love to draw and love Indian culture I also love Japanese culture too. I'm still researching the AI dog breed to see if the breed is right
  4. I'm sorry Kim's going through this. I found Song Dog Kennels from a wolf dog forum I go to one of the members on it that was discussing the AID said this is a great site to learn about it and I agree it is a great site and this forum is great too. Some of the members also said lot of wolf dog breeders are trying to pass their wolf dogs as AID due to recent laws making it illegal to sell wolves and wolf mixes. Sad there are breeders like this. What Kim is doing is awesome I love Indian culture and their dogs are just as much as part of their culture too and I loved finding o
  5. Hello I'm new here, my name is Nicole and right now I have two dogs a female white boxer named Bella she is my parent's, but I consider her mine too since I take care of her the most.. My other dog is my black and tan shiba inu named Saya she is the one in my avatar she is my love and joy. I enjoy reading up on different breeds of dogs and American Indian dogs I find very interesting. I live in the Lafayette Indiana area and have 16 acres of land most of it is field, some of it is yard, and some forest which me and the dogs takes two or three walks a day in it. I've read ever
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