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  1. Test post: singing the Song Dog song
  2. swade

    "wild" Dog

    Anyone heard of Carolina Dogs... very interesting, similar old world traits???
  3. swade

    "wild" Dog

    Just ordered it - may have to print out 1,000 copies to hand out in my travels; ONLY if I like the presentation ;-) I picture is worth 1,000 words and I am getting a bit tired of explaining and handing out Kim's tiny card. Thanks for the link!!!
  4. swade

    Quirky Aidogs

    My pups also have small rituals that delight and amaze me; everyday is a gratefully a bit different. I just got back from 6wks of camp travel along the Cal coast and eastern Sierras where I had to explain the breed and their amazing behavior to sooo many people; on leash, off leash, beaches, campgrounds, hiking, small towns, gas stations - EVERYWHERE! They shine wherever they go and make my life so very much fun. Thanks to all of you that share often, you inspire me.
  5. Sorry... I meant I've been in touch with Kim since these issues arose.
  6. Good reminder... I've in touch since these issues arose.
  7. Hi Karen, I was so sorry to read about Danza's illness! Like you I tend to drift away from the AID forum but for some reason today I logged in and read your post. I felt compelled to reply because it sounds as if we have AIDogs with similar health issues. My dog, Kai, is 5.5 yrs old and has had autoimmune and kidney disease since before he was 2. He gets very sick, very quickly, with severe flu like symptoms several times a year. My vet is fantastic; always compassionate and very open to all avenues of health care. During these episodes, through blood tests, we also discovered that
  8. Exercise is my #1 best option. Next I crated my dogs with a raw marrow bone - soon they wanted me to leave so they could have a 'high level" treat. I do like the German Shepherd option too!
  9. Stunning photo is right! I LOVE those eyes; it's always the eyes...
  10. I LOVE the name! Happy dog years to you.
  11. What a gift Chenoa was.. my heart aches for your loss. Take care,
  12. Looks like an eagle on his chest - spectacular marking!
  13. swade

    Tiva And Kai

    Is the new one a paw also?
  14. swade

    Tiva And Kai

    Starghoti -We met at the gathering that year. Love to paw tat - what is the one on your calf? Denise - thanks
  15. swade

    Tiva And Kai

    They are from different litters; four years old in July.
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