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  1. …sorry I've been offline for a couple days (and iidoba.org wasn't working for me when I tried…). Good info and way ahead. I'll definitely contact Kim.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll have to dig up the contract from the file to review. I think matching Bandit (yes, Sherab, that's us…) to someone prescreened would be great. Bandit's got many good qualities and enjoys life, so I want to make sure he's well taken care of in his next life. I'll post some pictures and description soon.
  3. I have a 4 year old (this summer) AI dog; he's a good dog, but I've finally realized we're just not compatible. I'd like to give him to a good family with lots of space and energy to keep up. I thought I saw in the past a forum on AI dog owners by area, or maybe an AI dog rescue or something like that? It's been a long time. I'm in Colorado Springs; can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  4. Bandit parents are Payote and Nova. I seem to remember his father (Nova?) being a pretty large one. At 21 weeks old, he's currently just over 30 lbs and about 19 inches. Anybody have stats on Payote and Nova? The doghouse I'm interested in has a size for 15" to 21" and another size for 21" to 27". The website stresses getting the correct size for colder temps where the dog needs to be able to heat the space with body heat. I'm thinking the larger size is going to right, but ?? FYI, the doghouse I'm looking at are at: Police Dog Houses. I like the flat roof because I think Ba
  5. I'm looking at dog house plans and they come in different sizes. Bandit isn't fully grown yet (he's 21 weeks), so my questions are: 1. How big do males typically get? The main website says 19" to 21" and 30 to 45 lbs, but that sounds a bit small to me. ...I think that size would be perfect, but I seem to be picturing them bigger (and seem to remember them being bigger at Kim's - but my memory may be failing me). 2. When do they typically reach their full-grown, adult size? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll also look through the websites posted. For jumping on the table/counters, Bandit is usually pretty responsive to our "NO." And even sometimes just a look or grunt from us will prevent him. But when we turn our backs or are out of the room, he goes for it. I'd like to teach him, somehow, to obey a standing order whether we're watching or not. Ideas? ...or does that come with time, consistency, and patience? As for the steal and chase "game," I have also found that ignoring usually puts an eventual end to the game. However, the real concern is
  7. Bandit does so well when it's just our family. He's usually pretty calm indoors (he's still mischievious at time, though). But when friends come over, he gets so excited and wants to jump up over and over. He also likes to put his front paws on the table and counter and grab stuff off. Also, when he gets something he shouldn't have, he's near impossible to get to sit still and drop it. He makes it a game of chase. ...and if we don't chase, he just eats whatever he took. To me this seems potentially dangerous: if he grabs something that could be harmful and then gulps it down b
  8. Cheese

    Coat Markings

    Shunka has a great color. I'm curious to see how (or if) Bandit's coloring will change seasonally and as he grows (it's already evolved quite a bit over the past 3 months). Right now while he's a pup, we seem to get a lot of questions about Bandit being a German Shepherd because of his coloring. I think as an adult, he won't be mistaken. ...already he's more AID and less German Shepherd looking. We got the "mut" comment a few days ago. I said, yep, he's the American mut - the ultimate mut. He's got only the best the North American continent has to offer, shaped and cultivated ov
  9. Cheese

    Coat Markings

    I love the blue eyes - so beautiful. Your dogs looks like they have "hoods" too. Beautiful...
  10. Cheese

    He's A Climber

    The park is a pretty good one. Although I recommend thoroughly researching the area via the internet, satelite photos, and maps before going. It's pretty spread out and we were a little confused about where to go and how it was layed out. We'll definitely go back, but I'll be better prepared next time. ...also, even in Oct it's hot; you can't have too much water - for you AND your pup. As for dogs, the signs at the park just said they need to be on leash at all times. I used a 10-foot length of rope, which seemed to work well.
  11. Cheese

    He's A Climber

    I just had to share these pictures! We took Bandit to Red Rock Canyon State Park in the SoCal desert. We discovered that he's a real "rock hound." Check him out. http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/davephooie/RRC2.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/davephooie/RRC3.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/davephooie/RRC4.jpg
  12. Our Bandit often seems like he's looking for something to do around the house, which many times leads to mischief. We do play with him and exercise him regularly, so I'm wondering if you have suggestions about good toys and games that would really engage his attention and intelligence, and occupy him time and time again. ...something that he might choose over getting into trouble. Also, any suggestions for a job that a 19-week old puppy could have around the house. What kinds of jobs does yours have? Thanks!
  13. Cheese

    Coat Markings

    Bandit has some really neat markings on his coat. He was born with the "mask" on his eyes (thus the name Bandit). Over time he's developed a lighter "hood" over the top of his head and down his neck. Also he has gotten this really cool zig zag mark on his back. So what unique markings does (do) your dog(s) have? http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/davephooie/B2-1.jpg http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm150/davephooie/B1-1.jpg
  14. Ah yes: the all-too-common dismembered chew toy. Once they get a taste of the stuffing, the blood frenzy takes over! ...look at that face - "Uh... Maybe I got a little carried away."
  15. Roots: I'm with you. I thought we got our little guy in the "twos," but it was just "puppy" I guess. When I was struggling a little with Bandit, I read a post that mentioned "terrible twos," and I thought, "it gets worse?" Much of it was my state of mind, perspective, and expectations (and some techniques to deal with the constant nipping/biting). All adjusted correctly made a challenging situation a lot better. Lately, though, Bandit's been exercising a bit more will and being mischievious - and even a little naughty. We must NOW be entering the "twos." ...it's hard to be upset for
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