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  1. Update on Ed. I have been treating Ed with Cyclosporine which is an immunosuppressant drug along with Ketoconazol which is an antifungal drug that helps the body have less severe reactions to the cyclosporine and helps the cyclosporine absorb better and last longer. He has been on treatment for a week now and I am seeing a small response. The bleeding and fluid leakage has stopped. He is still severely ulcerated and painful but at least I can see that the medicine is starting to work. This just confirms that it is an autoimmune disease since it is responding to an immunosupressant drug. I aske
  2. Thank you all for the kind thoughts, encouragement and all the helpful information. I will keep you all updated about Ed and how he is progressing.
  3. Well, my AID Ed has been diagnosed with perianal fistula (aka perianal furunculitis or perianal pyoderma). It is a chronic autoimmune disease. It is most likely to be genetic and is almost exclusively found in German Shepherds. It has no cure and is very painful. Sugery is not an option because the side effects outway the pros. Most cases end in euthanasia because it ends up being too stressful and painful for the dog. It is expensive and extensive to treat and treatment does not work for all dogs. Currently Ed is on the strongest medical treatment right now, so we will see how it goes. My Vet
  4. Eddy or Ed as we call him, is almost 2 years old. I have been working with him on being a livestock protector. I am happy to say that I feel comfortable in trusting him with my livestock. He seems to take his job very seriously (he even warns the birds if they get too close). I am very excited that he has caught on to what I was trying to "tell" him as far as keeping the animals safe (and not eating them. Hehe.) My heart is warmed every time I notice him giving affection to his charges and warding off any danger he senses. He is such a smart dog to know the difference between them. I was havin
  5. I am trying to find a really good dog food to feed my AID, Ed. I have done some online searching but it is overwhelming so I thought I would ask you guys what you feed your dogs and what you would reccomend. He only has two special issues and they arent really that bad either. One is his teeth arent as healthy as they could be (the vet said that it might be because of poor nutrition, but I thought I was feeding a good food) and the other problem is he gets occasional raw spots on his legs ( The vet said they are nothing to worry about because they heal pretty fast and he doesnt seem to be both
  6. When I played those videos, Ed was laying at my feet and I was willing him to start singing along...he just layed there and ignored the whole thing as if he did'nt even hear it. He did'nt even look up with a recognition of the voices or a "what is that" curiosity. Do these dogs recognise the voices and/or images of their own breed? He reminds me of an old man who is indifferent to the world. Oh well, I would'nt trade him for the world. He is a pretty cool dog.
  7. Wow. Thank you for that. That was really cool. Almost wild-like in a way. I guess it is a pretty unique "voice" for a domestic dog. Not even a husky sounds quite like that.
  8. Wow. well I consider myself lucky then. I suppose he could howl when I'm not home, but in my house it's rare that nobody is home. The next time we are all gone, I will set up my audio recorder to see if he does or not. It will be an interesting experiment.
  9. One of the things that I have read about these dogs is that they have a very unique voice (howl, bark etc. I don't know). My Indian dog, Eddy, has never done a howl...ever. He very rarely barks, too. Is this normal behavior for this breed? He is just a very quiet, unexcitable guy since he has grown into adulthood. He didn't even bark much when he was a puppy. I was actually kind of looking forward to hearing this famous howl of theirs but I guess it will never happen for me and Ed...oh, well. Let me know what your dogs do. Does anyone have a video or audio of this howl of theirs? I am just ver
  10. So, what is the age of the oldest one on file? And, do you think 13 is about an average lifespan for these dogs.
  11. I was just wondering what the average age of these dogs typically are. Just curious.
  12. I haven't gotten to the point where I can trust Eddy outside of the crate when we are gone (not because of urinating etc. but because he still chews on things), so I still crate him when we leave. I used to come home (it didn't matter how long I was away) to a crate full of urine and a smelly dog until I thought of buying a cover for the crate. The first time I used it on the crate, no urine! I haven't had to clean up a urine mess since then and I keep the cover on the crate at all times now. I think the dark privacy is the reason why he doesn't do it anymore. I think it was maybe anxiety of s
  13. Have you read Cesar Milans books? If you have'nt, I would suggest that. I have them all and they are very enlightening and helpful. What he talks about takes practice, but in the end you and the dog will be happier if you follow what he teaches you. I highly reccomend his approach. Good luck.
  14. It could be something as minor as an allergy or something more major. I would'nt hesitate to go to the vet. That is my reccomendation.
  15. puckmonkey


    I didn't know there was another site. Whats the difference between them and why do they have a problem with members? Is it a site dedicated to the same breed?
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