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  1. There are no children in the house all the time but my grandchildren visit about once a month. Now that Denakka is 1 1/2 and pretty settled I no longer have to worry about nips or playing too rough--more like too rambunctious! The kids are 7, 4 and 1 and he does different things with each of them. The one year old is just learning "gentle" so can 'clobber' (as much as a one year old can clobber) Denakka in the face thinking he's petting. Denakka just closes his eyes and then looks at me for a bit of help. My son usually gets right down and shows the baby how to pet the dog. Denakka seems
  2. I am so sorry for your lose. My heart breaks breaks for you. You are so right....it goes in a blink.... We can learn so much from our best friends especially how they live in the moment and appreciate each one.
  3. Welcome to the unique and wonderful world of AID! If I read you post out loud to Denakka he'd be sooo jealous of your soon to be new family member. You see, he wants me to get him a boy in the worst way! Every time he sees young boys, he makes a beeline and then looks back at me while playing and getting petted as if to say, "See how great it would be if you got me one of these?"
  4. Maria, Did you really have to write that?! I am constantly wondering if I should get another. My rational brain says, "NO!" My heart says "Yes". My soul is listening to both and trying to decide. I'm SO happy with Denakka; how could another be as perfectly fitting to ME and my lifestyle? So far I'm holding out for keeping it at one, but every once in awhile, I read something like you just wrote and the tug begins again!
  5. Yesterday I had a comment about Denakka that was a new one for me. She asked if I was Denakka's "Mom" and when I said yes, she said, "I've been having the best time watching him. He makes me feel like I'm not at a dog park but watching an Animal Planet or a Nat'l Geo wild animal show." The regular group at the park have all gotten use to Denakka's AIDog movements (slinking, stalking, direct gazes, coyote-like stances, crazy runs) and attitude and think nothing of it anymore. We all laughed because she reminded us of his uniqueness.
  6. gramtot

    Eedelut Update

    What a marvelous looking dog! It sounds like he is well on his way to being a very good and controlled companion--actually it sounds like he's there already. Denakka has a pretty reliable recall. Now that he just turned 1 I see a huge difference in him. Of course I also went on a trip for two night/three days and left him with a house sitter--THAT got his attention and he's been oh, so affectionate ever since! (Since all things are relative, Denakka's "so affectionate" is still mild if compared to..say a Lab!) Tug is his favorite also. The rule here has always been we can play as long a
  7. ..you match your kitchen tile to your dog's color. (Not me, but a friend.)
  8. gramtot

    Niki X Rowdy

    Happy Birthday all Niki X Rowdy pups! Denakka says being 1 year old is stupendous!
  9. Amen to all of these! Here are a few more.... - Your social calendar has much more to do with your dog than you. - You know all the names of the dogs at the park but don't know the people's names - You are convinced that each little new trick/behavior is earth-shatteringls important and interesting to all. - Your non-dog friend's (if you have any) eyes glaze over when you even mention your dog. - You spend more on your dog's food than your own. And spend more time making sure it's healthy. (If I were only that careful for myself!) - You are convinced non-dog people are to be
  10. My heart goes out to Wicca and all that she has had to deal with in her short life. I am so hoping that all your tireless efforts will pay off with no need for surgery. I can just feel how tired you must be! I'm sure Draco and Wicca are both totally confused -- if you could only explain these types of situations to them! I cringe to think of keeping Denakka from running for even a day--eegad!--the very thought makes me tired for me and frustrated for him. Good luck with everything. What great puppy parents. I hope your entire family is back together very soon and everything holds to
  11. Denakka's birthday party was marvelous. All his friends and mine had a wonderful time and the Dog Park crowd wants to do it again. My boy is now officially one year old and has graduated to adult food. He received 3 of his favorite type toys--rope tugs--and after the party I put all three on the floor. He has never has more than one at a time because he likes to chew them to shreads! He'd play with one and another would get his attention and he's drop the one in his mouth and go for the other one. From one to another, round and round, so confused until he tried (and failed) to get all i
  12. HA. When we are driving to the dog park, Denakka drapes himself over the folded-up back seats, head right in the center watching where we are going. When I slow down or have to stop at a light, his paw goes right to my shoulder and taps me...."Hurry up, Ma!" At first I thought it was a fluke that he touched my shoulder, but now I know it's not--he has perfect control of his paws and if he wants it to tap my shoulder, it will--or vise versa. No flukes with those paws! These guys find the coolest ways to communicate.
  13. Yep, Denakka's favorite toys are of the flying variety--the toys that fly around lights at night or jump around in the grass! I've often thought I should go buy him some crickets that folks feed to their lizards and frogs and turn them loose in the yard. It'd keep D busy for hours! I love watching the antics--he sort of turns half cat. Moths drive him crazy because of the random way they seem to fly. He gets them however if they venture down far enough. He still gets confused when they stop moving--he'll nudge them with him nose as if to say, "Come, on. Let's play a little longer."
  14. gramtot


    Fantastic photos! I think T is so breathlessly handsome. So sorry to hear about his (and your) idiot encounter. I walk D. with an older dog who doesn't do well with most other dogs. She wouldn't hurt another dog, but there can be some "discussion" and snarkiness that scares people. My friend always has her on a leash and has her under control; pulls her off the trail and does attention exercises until the other dog goes by. BUT we always seem to run into dogs off leash. I go ahead with D and ask the person to leash their dog while walking past the GSD to keep everything safe and cal
  15. A little side note. I had a quick conversation with someone today and when they asked what kind of dog I had and I told them, they of course said they didn't know about that breed. Since we were in a waiting room and time was very limited, I only said that they were a bit different and I guess after having many dogs through my life, I wanted an experience as much as dog. I decided I liked that--if you have an AIDog, you don't just have a dog, you have an experience. Or perhaps I should say "adventure"!
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