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  1. We have a 2 year old girl named Ziva and a 10 month old boy named DiNozzo. They are both named after characters on the tv show NCIS. They are our favorite characters on the show. They are strong, intelligent, and sexy. What better names could there be?! Ziva was born on 6-20-2010 and DiNozzo was born on 5-25-2012. Ziva's parents are Jay Silver heels and Shasta. DiNozzo's parents are Feather's Shadow and Red Rider.
  2. Here is Ziva and DiNozzo. It has been a long time since I posted anything. I actually tried last night, but something went wrong. I did not see my post today when I went to check replies. They have been doing pretty well. DiNozzo is attached to Ziva by the hip. He is such a brat! He does not allow Ziva to get loves from us. If he sees her getting loves from us, he wedges himself between us and pushes her away. Or he will just come up and start biting her neck (playfully). He is also not afraid to jump on her back and hop over her in effort to get between us. Such a brat! He is the sweetest
  3. So what was the decision on the date for the Gathering? I have not checked in with the forum in quite a long time. Mark and I are both off Aug 7- 13. We may be interested in attending. Mark's bday is Aug 7th and I don't know what he wants to do for his bday, but maybe we can come share DiNozzo and Ziva with their old family???
  4. She is so beautiful!! I just LOVE her tail!!
  5. This is Ziva's butt. That is poor little DiNozzo she has struggling for life underneath her. I was trying to take a cute pic of them together and all I got was butt. Little stinkers. Now I have to pose them and tell them to sit and stay.
  6. @swade- I wish I knew @Allison- I'm glad looking at my girls makes you smile. Thank you for everyone's kind words!!!! :D :D :D
  7. Hello all! Time for another update. DiNozzo is growing so much so freaking FAST!! Almost all of his puppy fluff is gone and has been replaced by silky brown big boy fur. He is almost as tall as Ziva. We knew he was gong to be a big boy by the size of his chubby little paws . The vet says he still has a heart murmur, but they aren't worried about it yet. They said he still has plenty of time to grow out of it. I haven't seen any warning signs that it is an issue so I am not worried. I had to get DiNozzo a special bowl to slow him down when he eats. That little pig swallows his food w
  8. OH!!! and I almost forgot!!! When we went back to the vet to get his shots, the doctor who saw him just happened to be the cardiologist they wanted us to take him to. He said the murmur was definitely still there, but he believed it was an innocent murmur that should go away on its own. WOOOHOOO!!! So hopefully in September when he gets his final puppy shots the murmur will be gone. Fingers crossed.
  9. So a little catch up... I took DiNozzo back for his second series of puppy shots (already paid for obviously). He weighed 14.4 pounds!!!! He weighed just 8 pounds when we got him and 10 two weeks later. That dog is a beast!! LOL!!! He is going to be so much bigger than Ziva. I keep telling her, "He is going to be bigger than you someday. You should be nicer to him". Somehow, I don't think she gets it. Hahahaha!! She has started picking him up by the head and shaking him. We put a stop to it when we see it. The newest command around the house is, "ZIVA DROP HIM!!" Its really quite funny,
  10. Thank you everyone! I also think my girls are beautiful. I am not biased though. Ziva really knows how to use her claws to hold things. She is quite the hugger, which hurts kind of a lot, but it is so darn cute! Lol! I can see the cocky attitude on her face. Is it just me or does she look so full of herself? The dog, not the human. Hehe. I just love how she sits up so straight. Its weird.
  11. I may be a glutton for punnishment. I am checking out pics of other people's pups and it makes me want another puppy!!!
  12. That looks like the puppy I nick named Mac Gyver when we were picking pups. She is red yes? An only child?? I called her that because she kept figuring out ways to get her head out of the kennel. She got her head stuck a couple times and then mom finally stepped in and told her to knock it off. She was such a lover! Kisses like crazy. I could tell she was going to be fun. More pics!!! More stories!! How are things??
  13. She is just beautiful! Those eyes kill me! Sherab- How big is Shiva? He looks like a German Shephard, except for the colors. He is so handsome! I love the rainbow of colors. What a fun show.
  14. Thank you! Hope you had a great vacation! It must have been if you didn't have internet. A break from technology is always a good thing.
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