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  1. Hey everyone! I haven't really had a chance to post since last summer because I've been super busy with school and then work, but I wanted to check in and say that Penny has been doing great and we've been having a blast! I've been working with her to get her behaving a little better, but with these dogs it always seems like an uphill battle! Anyway, she's been growing into an awesome dog and every day with her has been better and better. I've got a couple pics I took with my phone but these are the most recent pictures I have. I was lucky enough to get her to do a couple poses for t
  2. I'll try and get some pictures up (if I can find a camera XD) but from the pictures I've seen of Lola, Penny does share somewhat of a resemblance. Who are Lola's parents?
  3. Well, as I've stated, I don't swat my dog ever. It's stupid to do it, because from an animal's point of view, doing so only teaches them to fear you rather than respect you. I don't hit my dogs nor do I condone it
  4. I never hit her, I'm always very careful. I said try because there are times where I've been doing something and she has inadvertently bumped into me. She's far too cute to hit her,and afterwords I'd just feel wrenching guilt. Although I can't speak for my other dogs who like to swat her down with their paws
  5. With Penny I was giving her a firm "no" and putting her on her back, trying to switch my hand with a toy nearby, but she would also take this as a game and try and bite again. A neighbor of mine told me what she did to curb the biting, and it's been working better. When penny bites my fingers I tell her "no" and if she doesn't let go I put my fingers in the back of her mouth, not enough to choke or hurt her, but enough to cause some discomfort. When she lets go of my fingers I praise her and give her a toy to chew on instead. She learns that if she doesn't stop biting when told, it becomes unc
  6. Hey everyone, thanks for all of the advice! She hasn't really had anymore accidents, I just found it odd that she soiled her bed. Her crate is fairly large, larger than most recommend, and the reason I decided to use that one was because she seemed to feel more comfortable in it. She's been getting a little better about going when I take her outside too; I think she's figured out that when she's outside she needs to go. Also, I've set up a small fenced off play area for her, and although she has learned to climb over it, she usually only does so when she needs to be let outside. I'm gonna take
  7. Hey everyone! In the past week that I've had Penny she's been pretty good about not having any accidents. I take her out about every hour and a half, and she's even bell trained for the most part, i.e., if she's roaming around the house and wants to go out, she just rings her little cowbell. Starting Saturday though, I noticed a couple problems. Firstly she will only sporadically ring the bell, meaning occasionally she'll ring it to go out and once she just peed in the kitchen. I figured this could be solved by just continuing to reinforce the bell training. Secondly, she'll wake up in
  8. Haha driving back to OC from Oregon? And I thought my trip was crazy! Congratulations on your new friend, and I'm sure there will be some great stories to come And a Dog Party is definitely going to be in order!
  9. Fortunado


    I second that thought, looks like he's all 'bout the srs bzns! Lol the day that Penny stops being able to walk through the fence will be the day that I can breathe a heavy sigh of relief. We have neighbors on the other side of our fence whose daughter is terrified of dogs and Penny keeps squeezing through and running into their backyard, forcing me to run back there after her. Accident waiting to happen; either the girl sees Penny and screams or sees me and calls the cops haha.
  10. Woot, Congrats Roots! I'm sure you'll love her, when I saw her at Kim's ranch she and her sister were both so cute and they look almost exactly alike. Looking at that picture is like looking at Penny! Good luck with the crate training, if she's as stubborn as Penny is, you might need it
  11. Hope Debi doesn't mind if I steal her thunder, but it means "rolling on floor laughing my ass off"
  12. Awesome, thanks for the tips! I've been feeding her in her crate and trying to use some food to entice her into stepping in. She was fairly hesitant at first, but today she walked in and out of the crate a couple times on her own. The vet I went to today also suggested I get one treat that she really likes and only use it for when it's time for her to go into the crate so I'm going to try that out as well. It's only really been 4 nights so far, but I'll just try a slightly different approach tonight with the treats and see how that goes. And yes, these pups have quite the lungs. My mom has 3
  13. Wow Star, that's awesome that Jasper is responding so well to his crate! I'm having a bit of trouble with Penny and her crate; she doesn't really like to go in it, let alone be locked up all night. I've spoken to several people and continue to try different methods of getting her to be happier in the crate, but she's still very stubborn . Also, what kind of crate do you use? The one I've been using is a small travel crate with enough room for her to lie down and turn around in, but my mom also has a VERY large metal crate which she seems to like a little more, probably because it's cooler, an
  14. http://www.luckythreadz.com/large/images/man_bear_pig_large.gif I'm tellin ya, Al was onto something...
  15. Fireworks in the middle of town are never a stupid idea.....oh wait
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