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  1. Jj is 9 what the hell happened to our puppies????
  2. ...new pup? K'ne is 7 yrs old now.. lol
  3. If anyone cares to follow/see our 'adventures' I post irregularly scheduled videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn7kOmaemLCwn0i7EMQCDTA
  4. miss/prefer- how the heck would I know? they just enjoy camping with mom.. that is about it. window- thanks- it serves its purpose. hassle- no. I know how to tow and back. And being able to leave it in a site, and drive to the store or whatever, is handy.
  5. Starghoti


    We've been through that a couple times- horrifying Is Sitka ok? (watch for abscesses, after the fact) (been there, surgeried that) (no the other owner refused to acknowledge ANY responsibility at all)
  6. We look deliberately uninteresting.. But, on the inside.. And we all fit on the bed quite comfortably Our parking spot
  7. don't know Terv.. and we got a fair test this last weekend. people ask if I worry when they go so far away--- "come, please"
  8. Been several forevers since we posted. I think the last we posted was our van trip to Arizona January '18 Now.. sold the van a little while ago.. and bought a bare cargo trailer Been utilizing my weekends and time before work to convert it. Put in a window, a fresh air vent (cooler Under there and dryer than opening a window when it is raining) some lino insulation and house wiring floor-vent cover (keep roadspray/mice out) the local RV shops were out of them, but found one at Goodwill, misfiled under 'baking pan' painted, and built a bed added
  9. .... "let" ?? that is all I'm gonna say about that.
  10. In case anyone was wondering.. we are still alive and doing things. Got a "new" van.. and K'ne has been helping me work on it.. They enjoy going on road trips... We even recently went to Arizona and camped out for a week, in the desert. For the record.. they totally approved of the bed I built in the back.. While I was working on the van last summer.. JJ decided to lay on the lawn beside the van and soak up some sun. Apparently a neighbor called in a possible dead dog.. because Animal control came by in their big truck.. and stopped in front of our house. J got up
  11. I have been absent for reasons that I will not go into. But thought you all may enjoy a few pictures from our adventures.
  12. I'll make one a tad bigger.. I'm glad you like it- regardless of lack of fit. Next one will be slightly different. Each one is an individual. Like the dogs.
  13. I know we have been quiet for a while. I do check in here regularly and read, but I haven't posted in a long time. Changed jobs (different schedule, more hours), lots of projects, trying to build my business (working part time, meeting with clients- in addition to new full time job), helping husband try to build His business (gluten free beer), family stuff, life stuff.. you know Kids are doing great. Jas is now 6 and K'ne is 4- omg, where has the time gone? Now the pics/stories: We have had lovely adventures. Lots of hiking and exploring. And we get to go such wonderfu
  14. Oh no. two of my more favorite dogs.. had.... puppies.. sigh
  15. That pup nose how to sleep!
  16. Starghoti

    Advice Welcome!

    my $.02 Do Not Crate Them Together. Too close quarters can lead to resentment. Let them each have alone time. Allow Chester to sleep where he wants- in/out of crate. And to save space, you can stack crates. Pup on top, easier to reach in to carry outside so they don't pee on the floor on the way.
  17. Starghoti

    Gassy Dog

    the easiest solution we have found- and it makes sense if you think about it- is put the kibble in the bowl, and add half that of water. Let it sit for a few minutes to start soaking up. How would your innards react if you ate a portion of DryKibble that was almost half the size of your head? Your stomach would become irritated and thusly your bowels. For us it was an almost instant solution. (pun intended)
  18. * wistful sigh * I always wanted to do stained glass… haven't gotten the opportunity to yet. Also Love, but no room/funds/, throwing clay. Me+kickwheel = meditative joy. Alas, our living situation does not preclude such a hobby. So I currently work in dogs and leather.
  19. I will have to go though and see what few are left.. This was last year's fundraiser item. I will get back to you after this weekend. The Gathering and all.
  20. Oh No, Joy- I hope everyone is ok. That is unfortunate- We will miss you and everyone that cannot attend. We just got our road-trip vehicle out of the shop Yesterday.. for the 3rd time in 3 weeks… so we WILL be making it down. May not make it back home.. but we will be there- lol And yes, our house guest, Shannon, is coming with us. He got here last week from Florida, and has been throughly enjoying the complete change of scenery. Where he is from there are no actual Mountains.. Looking forward to sharing the drive down to site and the stay at the lake with him.
  21. Happy Birthday (belated) Aquene! Loved meeting you last summer.
  22. I do- My collars are a local fav at our dog parks. I just got more leather blanks and a couple new colors of dye.. Bringing my kit to The Gathering, just in case. ($15-25 depending on complexity)
  23. (Starghoti secretly believes it is because the Lake Selmac campground is SO beautiful..)
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