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Starghoti last won the day on May 12 2019

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    Jasper and K'ne's Mom
  • Birthday June 17

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    planet surface
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    camping, crafts, computers, dogs and training, gardening, nature, & being outdoors

    There is a difference between my personality and my attitude.
    My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are.

About Me

About me:

MWF, 1 husband, 2 AIDogs Jasper and K'ne,

Employed and self employed, own a house, grow a garden, try to have a life.

Coffee Black, chocolate dark, crossword puzzles in pen. I was the son my father never had -aka- I am much more comfortable at TrueValue or Wilco than Nordstoms or TJ Max...

I strive to be like my Amer.Ind. x Celtic ancestors. To be at least moderately skilled at: growing a garden, butchering a chicken, cooking a meal, sewing clothing, maintaining a home, caring for animals, shooting a gun, gutting a fish, dressing a wound, chopping firewood, appreciating a sunset ...

I know who Irving was, I unscrew my oreos, I've kept roaches as pets, and I kiss my dogs on the lips.

I've swum with seals in the ocean, ridden an elephant more than once, and I believe Kim-chee CAN be a breakfast food!


Just because I don't look you in the eye, don't assume I'm being deceptive or rude.

Prosopometamorphopisa sucks!

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