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  1. Has it really been four years since I’ve updated Draco & Wicca’s adventures? To say we’ve been busy is an understatement. And I write today with news that isn’t pleasant to pass along. Draco has passed away from liver cancer. Two weeks ago Draco, Wicca, Joan and I were running & frolicking off leash on the Washington coast. A week ago, Draco stopped eating. Then, signs of lethargy. We went to our primary vet and she diagnosed pancreatitis but recommended that we have an ultrasound. We did and they found his liver mostly consumed by cancer and it had metastasiz
  2. The very last things said at the very last Grateful Dead concert recently in Chicago by drummer, Mickey Hart “The feeling we have here — remember it, take it home and do some good with it. I’ll leave you with this: Please, be kind.” Thought it was a strong idea for our Family Forum.
  3. OK, friends and family, I have to make a confession..... We have been far, far too busy. How busy, you may well ask. Glad you asked. We've been so busy, that for the first time ever, I came to the Forum, looked at the list of new items and just hit "Mark All As Read". I've since caught up on things, but have been remiss at really having/taking the time to marvel over the beautiful new pups and their deliriously and truly fine human additions to our family. ~~~~ Because of that general busy-ness, I really am going to try to keep this mostly photos!! Joan and I drove t
  4. Admins, where is the "I really, really Like This" button?
  5. In lieu of actually writing an update post about Draco & Wicca, I will just add something here.... These two have been a family favorites for a few generations now. Committment "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back-- Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues fr
  6. I print my own "business" cards. On the back I usually put: American Indian Dogs -- SongDog Kennel -- http://www.indiandogs.com/ Puppy Page -- http://www.indiandogs.com/pups1.html (My new cards will have this page. Thanks, Kim, Allison & all) ~~~~ Positive Training Soundbyte overview: Ian Dunbar's TED Talk at: http://www.ted.com/talks/ian_dunbar_on_dog_friendly_dog_training Practical Application: 3LostDogs at http://3lostdogs.com Advanced Philosophy: Michael Ellis at http://michaelellisschool.com/videos.htm ~~~~ I handed out my last two
  7. Allison, I love this thread. NyteByker, well said... deeply felt Sherab, you move me....
  8. Gib

    May 2015

    I could sit and stare.... the sentience is transcendent and mesmerizing.
  9. Gib

    Niki X Rowdy

    Yesterday was Wicca's 4th Birthday.... We had a great family day. Happy Birthday litter-mates where ever you are.. (A Draco & Wicca update coming soon.)
  10. I don't remember hearing that phrase before. Excellent. Unlikely. Not quite the same as "a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" but sort of.... Resonates with Tom Petty's new song "Power Drunk".... God, protect us from the thoughts in some men's minds God, protect us from the pain it leaves behind Now you see him against the sky Believe in his own lies .... Pin on a badge and a man begins to change Start believing that there's nothing out of his range You and I are left in the wind In the wake of a rich man's sin...."
  11. I should have also said that this was one of only a few negative incidents at dog parks in the five years we've had Draco (Wicca for 4). There is so much beneficial about dog parks (in today's modern world) that I would encourage using them. (If you're traveling I-5, you must see the Bakersfield, CA dogpark in a resevoir.) Like driving, sleeping people seem to have more accidents than people who are awake!
  12. Joan, Draco, Wicca & I were at our local dogpark last week (several times). A really nice Husky and a sweet spirited Pit Bull were running, just having fun. As collateral damage, they accidentally ran over a small, wire-haired something and knocked it, unharmed for a loop. But, it yelped, loudly and continually and both dogs turned on it. Little Dog was putting up a valiant effort snarling, scampering but finally rolling over. (If you remember reading "White Fang", one of the lessons in a dog fight is 'Never go down') The little dog went down and the prey instinct came
  13. Draco is 5. Wicca is 4. I still feel what you are writing/revealing here. To me it is a profound and vital current of energy you are tuning into. And not to be taken too lightly. Nor, too heavily. ~~~~ The other day the crows started cawing. Joan, Draco, Wicca & I have learned to stop what we are doing and look up. The crows were chasing two bald eagles right overhead locked together in full flight mating ritual. Stunning. When it was over, Draco and Wicca looked at us as if to say, "Well. That happened. We went through that together." Feel it fully. Go a
  14. Gib

    Chief Pup-Pup

    Yes, it appears to be true that this is YOUR first dog entirely your own. Assuming that solitary responsibility is so very important to both of you. Someone once suggested to me, "Assume nothing except responsibility." So, while you are wholly responsible, your new Chief Pup-Pup also comes with all of US. And, I've looked around... there is no other breed, no other kennel, no other forum that comes with US . I've used the support of this forum and the many AI Dog elders a thousand times. Sometimes when it feels that we wouldn't have made it through without this forum.
  15. Your couch story caused me to think..... (ouch) I think -- in many ways -- these creatures we've chosen to share our lives with are NOT just testing us to win -- they are testing us to develop understanding, relationship and integration. "OK, boss, what about this situation?" "OK, got it. You want this behavior in this situation." "OK, you really, really mean it." Once that learning occurs, these darn thinking dogs can frequently apply lessons learned to new situations. Oh, sure, it's frustrating & exhausting to go through, but the end result is, at minimum, wort
  16. That moment of reaching down and unsnapping the leash in a moment like that is one of the bravest, truest things we do with our dogs. That moment is momentous.
  17. Gib

    Carpet Collar

    Both our dogs are too smart and too flexible for the plastic cone..... they figured out how to use the edge of the cone to scratch any bits they couldn't just contort to get to..... We tried the inflatable and it deflated too easily. Not as elegant as yours but it worked... with the benefits you mentioned.... being able to get around and do most activities without the "shame"....
  18. Gib

    Sita Flower

    Sita, your wild intelligence, vital strength and wily character radiate brilliantly out to me in that last closeup.... So very good to SEE you. Or is that, see YOU.
  19. Gib


    I'm gathering pictures of Wicca's parents... the Breeder's Page has a picture of Jay Silverheels but it's low, low resolution. Happen to have a pic of Jay? (Anyone?) ~~~~ Thank you for the great picture. You should know that I experience a bit of envy at your proximity to SongDog..... Gonna try my best for us to be at The Gathering this year.... Look forward to meeting you in person.
  20. Gib


    I've been searching for picture of Niki.... Wicca's Mom. There's one picture on the breeder's page but it's dark and not a good image of her face. Anyone have any really good pictures of Niki?
  21. Gib

    Sita Flower

    Stretching neither the bounds of credulity or the fabric of the universe I feel that Sita's experience fore-shadowed and, perhaps, even prepared us to successfully handle the situation. The timing is just too immaculate. Thank you Sita. Bless you.
  22. Gib

    Sita Flower

    OK. It's just eerie. Here's pictures I've tried to take when the were-dog shows up in the shadows the dogs cast.... So, I wrote what I wrote. Then, I packed up with Draco & Wicca for a walk around the neighborhood. We got less than two blocks. Around a corner comes a little fuzzy terrier looking dog off leash -- unusual for the neighborhood. Before I had a chance to say, "Nice doggie" it attacked Wicca. Not a defensive action but full-tilt aggressive attack. Out comes "were-Wicca" and immediately knocks the dog over and is beginning to go in for the .....
  23. Gib

    Sita Flower

    Rather than werewolf, we call it were-hound and were-dog. We've seen the ancient beast come out in both Draco & Wicca. We stand in awe of the primal, pure intensity. Most other domesticated dogs don't want to mess with that and quickly get that "No means no." And, to think, that were-beast brings it all humbly and gently into control in loving service to its Alpha. That's an awesome responsibility we all share.
  24. As someone else also already said, "Easier said than done." But, losing weight is a simple more work and/or less food situation. Not easy; just simple. I had also initially mis-informed myself.... Draco still hovers around 60-65 pounds but looks very like Woodrat's posted picture....Wicca is, also, still a few pounds heavier than we wish but is healthy. And slowly bringing her weight down and her exercise up. I'll update with photos in a different thread soon. For this reply -- each dog is his or her own... I/we can't give Draco all the exercise he needs so it's off to the d
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