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Everything posted by maria

  1. Boxes, boxes and boxes work for Chhaya lol!
  2. I would like to help...since I'm on the East Coast sending a donation would be how I could do that!
  3. Inali is the black one correct? Who is the parents...Raven, perhaps is the mother? I have Raven's sister, Chhaya. The look in those eyes are in Chhaya's too...that's why I'm guessing Raven...
  4. Thanks for the update...hope all continues to go well.
  5. Denise...I'm so sorry for your loss...may the wonderful memories be forever deeply in your heart and mind... The last picture...the look that Tayamni has, I've seen that in Chhaya...it says so much. Deeply caring dogs we have that's for sure! Take care!
  6. Chhaya has allergies worse this year than ever before...don't know what it is but I hope it soon passes!
  7. maria


    Malachi and Chhaya have birthday's this month!!!
  8. maria


    http://www.iidoba.org/forums/uploads/monthly_03_2011/post-14658-1299031924_thumb.jpg Linda with Snake and Malachi, and Chhaya (black) and Koda (brown), who has passed the Rainbow Bridge also....Snake and Koda are together once again...
  9. maria


    Hi all, just wanted to let you know August 23, 2016 was the passing of another sweet, incredible AIDog...Linda Bell lost Snake. He had some health issues that were too bad to recover from. He crossed that Rainbow Bridge in peace. Linda misses him more than words can express...
  10. Only 6 months and 46 lbs...Chhaya is 48 lbs at 7 years....lol...he sure is a handsome boy!
  11. maria

    Goodbye Mora

    I won't forget either Allison....nicely put...it does make us better owners!
  12. maria

    Goodbye Mora

    Oh so sorry to hear about their loss! Hearts are breaking I'm sure...but so glad they learned what they did with training and it sounds like she was a blessing....
  13. Chhaya's fits her I think....I was talking with my Mom the other day and we were discussing our pups personalities...Chhaya isn't a big snuggle bug, once in awhile she lays up against me but mostly she is close to me and in the same room, ALWAYS knows where I'm at. Mom noticed when I clean for her Saturdays Chhaya will make sure where I'm at...if I'm upstairs she's there, if I go down to the basement without her knowing she FINDS me lol. Her name means "shadow" in Cherokee....
  14. I hear that Denise...a sign...I wonder...Florida is closer to PA than Oregon...
  15. I use the Sport Dog shock collar FIELDTRAINER® 425S http://store.sportdog.com/dog-training/e-collars?swtb=2&gclid=CODFj-jAtM8CFVZZhgodIicLFQ You can get them at Petco, Cabelas, Bass Pro, Ebay, etc...very easy to use and well worth the money...can be set for three dogs also.
  16. That is working for Chhaya...during thunderstorms now she is nervous but will try to play ball inside...not the best thing inside but hallways work well...we make her sit and stay, then roll the ball back the hallway and give her the command to "go" and she runs after it. If it's a really bad thunderstorm she won't play but I have found if I put her leash on and sit on the floor with her she is calmer and stays right by my side and doesn't scratch at the door.
  17. Well explained SKG...I use the shock collar too, but I have the tone button that gives off a "beep"....safety for them in this day and age with motor vehicles etc is so much different than many years ago when the AIDog could run free without all the modern hazards...would love to go back to those times...I know it's hard no matter what generation but it seemed people had more value about each other and the land years ago.... Rik...lol I tell Chhaya "see ya later I'm going this way"...wow does that get her attention....It's like "no Mom wait, I'm coming" look on her face! Then she right wit
  18. maria

    Meet Zuni Blue!

    Denise, Chhaya loves to "make the bed" too! Lol...we've replaced bedspreads and sheets many a time. Oh, also the corners of pillows seem to get chewed up too
  19. Thanks so much for the pictures!!! Of course with T being Chhaya's nephew I love to get the updates....happy for you that the two are good together and that Rune is getting better with things! Your tough love is working uh?
  20. It's worth the wait!!! These dogs are amazing....no words can explain...once you experience it you will understand....
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