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  1. Merry Christmas, Everyone! Remy had a wonderful Christmas sneaking cookies off the counter and enjoying his raw-bone present. Any other good puppy gifts?
  2. It's been a really long time since I've posted anything on the forum. It's exciting to read about new puppies and new puppy parents. What's all been going on in the indian dog world? Here are a few updated picture of the Rem-ster. The first one is with his big sister Beta.
  3. Oh we most definitely love him and no matter how big he gets he will be perfect. Judy, I think he might get the midget nickname too, though.
  4. Question out there for anyone who has a puppy from the June 2010 Shasta X Jay Silver Heels litter: How big is your dog? Remy is now almost 7 months and he weighs 29 lbs. He is really petite. Small paws, narrow chest. I was wondering if other puppies (I know one of them is Ziva) are also as petite. I know he's going to grow more but he's only gained around 2-3 lbs. in the last month and a half. Hm..... And... maybe he's not even that small. I don't know! Joe has just been praying for him to bulk up so he has a big manly dog.
  5. It has been a LONG time since I posted anything on our dear little Remy. I have been in school quickly trying to finish up the quarter and get through finals. As can probably be seen. Remy has quickly become our other dog's (Beta) best friend.
  6. He is a Shasta x Jay Silver Heels pup.
  7. joeandchelsea


    I just thought I would show off a couple of pictures of our brand new buddy. We named him Remy. He has an older, poodle mix sister named Beta. He has the craziest coloring. He has a black face, tan body, black tail with a white tip, white front legs and a belly that is spotted like a cow... he's every color all rolled up into one dog! We picked him up from the cargo facility last night in Columbus, OH and as soon as we saw him, we thought he was perfect. He sat in my lap all the way home while my husband Joe drove. When he met Beta, it went really well. She gave him a little warning growl
  8. YAY! We just got/picked out our pup and he's just as beautiful as we expected (he's the little gray one standing up on the fence). We are so thankful for Kim and everyone else who has posted information on the forums and kept us sane while waiting for the picture of this little guy. Hopefully he likes it over here in Ohio!
  9. As mentioned before, we are also [im]patiently waiting as well. We put in our deposit last summer in July and had to turn down a puppy from the winter and spring litters due to some conflicts. But now we are ready with a yard and all. We have a poodle mix now who would love a brother. So excited! It's all going to start happening so quick!
  10. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm a graduate student and I have open summer and fall quarters and all I want to do is play with our new puppy.
  11. Is anyone picking up their puppy from east of the Mississippi? We are hoping to coordinate!
  12. Hello, Just a quick inquiry; is anyone driving to get their puppy from east of the Mississippi?
  13. Joe and I have been staring at these pictures since they were posted and are so excited for our little Beta to finally have a brother. Our brand new, fenced-in backyard has just the right amount of room for a new puppy.
  14. So, did the pups come out healthy and happy? How many pups came out? This is all very exciting!
  15. YAY! YAY! YAY! So exciting! The best news I've had all day!
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