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  1. Jerry

    Lola Update

    Hi Sri, It sound's as though we have very similar dogs. Lucky us!!! I guess shy isn't really the word at this point. You summed Lola up pretty well except for the food part. Lisa, Lola has a brother named Taber who lives in Portland (last I heard). His markings are very similar, but his eyes are different.
  2. Jerry

    Lola Update

    Hi everyone, thanks for the coments. she is a really good hiking companion. I put the pack on her for this trip just to keep her used to it. It also keeps here from getting too crazy and running off. I didn't bring our other dog as he takes off if not on leash. And yes, Lola loves the snow. She was born in the snow don't ya know. Her mom didn't use the shelter Kim provided, but instead doug a little den. in November. Lola is 5 years old now and in her prime. At 50 lbs, she is at the heavy end of the ideal weight spectrum, but not too fat according to our vet. Lola lives for interaction
  3. Since Lola was given the honer of Dog of the month, I figured I should provide some updated snow photos. I Took Lola for a hike to the top of Mt. Spokane in Eastern Washington yesterday. We were rewarded with sunlight.
  4. That's actually an old photo. No, there's not that much snow yet.
  5. I'm just glad I had a chance to meet Coyo. Great dog.
  6. Charlie and Lola and the Murray family wish everyone out there a marry Christmas, happy Chanukah, and all that great stuff.
  7. Ah, this is the civilized version of "git in yrr corner!". But seriously, this sounds like a great command, but how did you teach it to Tolinka?
  8. you are right gramtot. the two dogs are now inseperable. Lola and Charlie are constantly playing, or snuggling on our bed. Lola is so happy to have a little brother, and although Charlie was initially only focused on people, he is now learning doggy interaction.
  9. Yes, common traits indeed. When we are walking, Lola will come from behind and give a little kiss on my hand. Often, I'll get it in the face (even a french kiss if I'm not careful). She is loving in here own special way. Chief (we're now calling him Charlie) is 5 months old. He's fitting well and is so sweet. Lola fallows him around everywhere, and although she is a bit aggressive in her play with him, he is warming up to her.
  10. I think we all know what it's like to get that call from Kim. We had visited Song Dog Kennels and fallen for a certain shy blue eyed sweetheart even though Kim was planning on keeping her. When he called to say we could have her, you should have seen us. Luckily, we weren't driving. So, congratulations on your foxy little one. We know exactly where your at.
  11. I feel guilty for not checking in more often. Whether it's going to be double trouble or half the trouble is yet to be seen. I've never had two dogs at the same time before. Lola is such a strange and wonderful creature. She has never been the most cuddly, but she is the most sensitive and attentive dog i have come across. I can see why these dogs are used as therapy dogs. Any sign of distress from us will bring her running. Her favorite things are chasing the tennis ball and playing with other dogs. The only times she has escaped from the yard is to play with the neighborhood dogs. This i
  12. Hello out there, thought I would check in. Lola is doing great. She's coming up on 2 years old this fall, and she's really settled into her sweet mellow self. Very happy and playful, yet mellow. She really does love other dogs, so today we got her a companion. We took Lola to the Humane Society to help us pick out a now member of the family. His name is "chief", but we may change it. He supposedly is a sheltie/samoyed cross, but who knows. He apparently was scared of all the other dogs at the shelter, but Lola and he seem to to hit it off. So now we have two dogs.
  13. Jerry

    Snow Pup

    yep, that was pretty good. I hope we can make it this summer, and that the weather cooperates a little better. I'd love to see an AI dog free for all (off leash).
  14. Jerry

    Snow Pup

    Hi all, I thought it was time to share some recent photos. We went to Mt. Shasta this last weekend to ski and play, and of course, we took Lola. She may hate water, but she loves the snow. When I throw the ball in the snow, she runs, jumps, and pounces as though it's a critter under the snow she's hunting. Notice that her eyes are the same color as the snow. http://www.iidoba.org/forums/style_images/.../attach_add.png http://www.iidoba.org/forums/style_images/.../attach_add.png This dog is so sweet and loving now. All the obnoxious biting is gone now (I hope you're reading this R
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