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Lowe Family

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    Excitedly awaiting new pup!
  1. Tabor and I thank you for the happy birthday wishes.
  2. Hi, My boy Tabor had that same zig zag on his tail. It slowly disappeared over time. He will be one on November 15th. :-) Ryan
  3. Lowe Family


    Thank you for all the kind words. They do grow quickly. This is a picture of Tabor and Rama playing. Rama is another AIDog that lives in my neighborhood. I believe he was the photo of the month tawaor the end of last year. Tabor is much larger than Rama. Both beautiful dogs.
  4. Lowe Family


    Tabor and the rest of the Lowe family says hi to everyone. Tabor and I have been busy building our home in south east Portland. This is Tabor in my truck ready to work. He is the best dog in the world. Thanks, Ryan
  5. Lowe Family


    Tabor with my daughters.
  6. Lowe Family


    Tabor likes to be held all of the time when held up right and on his back when there is not alot going on around him. He like to odserve his surroundings. That said he is very cuddly. Ryan
  7. Lowe Family


    I also look foreword to getting our two dogs back together. The Gathering should work, Ryan
  8. Lowe Family


    I am hoping to do it with him. After watching the disaster in Haiti, I thought it would be a good way to make a difference. He is a special dog and search & rescue would be a good way to show it. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Lowe Family


    Hi, Tabor went to the Beach for the first time this weekend, he loved it! I had alot of high expectations before getting him and he has surpassed all of them. He goes to work with me everyday and does well on the job site. He was a little nervous when I was first up on ladders but he is getting use to it now. He also sits in my truck without chewing anything but his bones. I thought for sure the inside of the truck would get some damage but so far so good. He is over 20lb now. I can't believe how fast he has grow. The only thing that I am tired of is people asking if he is a Shepard mix or
  10. In the 24 hours since Keith's last night show, his viewer donated $185K. Not bad!
  11. Good news! Keith Olbermann reported on this tonight, on Countdown. Hopefully some national attention will help.
  12. We are all happy to hear she is doing better, especially her brother Tabor!
  13. Tabor is growing fast! He is everything we hoped for and sooooooo much more.
  14. Wow, I'm sure glad her brother (Tabor) hasn't learned that yet. We have a different gate that doesn't have that center support but will need a second one soon!
  15. We put Tabor in his crate, in our room. The first night was rough but for the next several nights we put our Maltize/Pudle (Magie) in with him. It helped a ton and they became much closer because of it. Tabor only wines when he needs to go potty. After about 4 or 5 nights he didn't need Magie in the crate with him anymore. He is also about 95% house trained, not bad for less than two weeks with us. Thanks, Ryan
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