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  1. Happy holidays everyone. This year sure is different with the COVID GRINCH coming in and stealing the family holiday whoopla. Stay safe, be mindful. I'm thankful for my fur friends that keep me on track.
  2. Some friends of mine that live in San Francisco, take their AIDog hiking most every weekend. Their journey takes them to the parks and reserves in Contra Costa County, like Mt. Diablo. Their dog has made friends with a pack of coyotes. They call back and forth and join each other for play. As soon as it is hunt time, the coyotes send their AIDog back. All of this on video. It is really awesome to watch the tactics and the play of both.
  3. Congratulations Keith. So awesome you are doing search and rescue with the AIdogs.
  4. Interesting question of awareness during the seizures. I do believe they know that "something happened" after the seizures. The first time Tolinka had one, he looked at me like "what the hell just happened to me," and stayed very close to me for about an hour. By now he has had so many that he has almost resigned to the fact that this "strange thing" just happens about once a month. Are they aware during the seizure? I believe they become very focused on what's happening to their body, and "go inside of them selves" so to speak. Like mom pups do when birthing. I try to be supportive and
  5. CDF means "California Department of Forestry." They help fight the fires, and bring in the BIG guns......helicopters for water drops, planes for flame retardant drops, big bulldozers, big water trucks, set up big staging areas. When they come in, they take charge. All is a good thing, but like most state or federal agencies, have a hard time working with the local departments. Maybe everyone needs to go back and remember what they learned in kindergarten....we all learned to play well with others. It is interesting that I keep hearing on the news that these fires are due to climate change
  6. miz molly

    Update On Croí

    ......and I quote: "Thank you Kim for letting this wonderful dog i named Croí come into my life and thank you for everything you do for these dogs. i have a HUGE amount of respect for what you do and why. I always get asked what kind of dog he is and i'm always very proud to say i have an American Indian Dog, and Song Dog Kennels is where you need to go to learn more." Perfectly said Nyk. I do believe these are the sentiments we all feel about Kim. He's definitely one of a kind.
  7. At age 10, Tolinka started his journey with seizures. (He is now 13) Talked to my vet, told Kim, and checked out "Dr. Google." Turns out it can be close to impossible to discover exactly why these events happen. Like looking for a needle in a hay stack. We do know the seizures usually happen early in the morning hours. Tolinka has grand Mal seizures. His jaw stretches wide open, sometimes he foams, his body curled forward, his head bends way downward, his body will do 360 flip over, or just fall over on his side. His legs act like he's running in the forest, he sometimes looses control
  8. Tonto has a very commanding expression. One handsome dog.
  9. Everyone needs a pup to bring them joy in these most crazy times. I know these bundles of fur will find just the right homes to be the ambassadors of loyalty and love while always being very aware of the comings and goings surrounding them.
  10. I have been asked by other friends that couldn't access my journey during the CZU Lightening Complex Fire. Here it is: I'm now home, and safe with my go bag at the front door. It's been quite a journey. Friends, family, and strangers have been amazing. There is always a bright side in the hardest of times. A sheriff friend checked on my home and my two neighbors homes 3 times a day to make sure everything was still standing. He made sure my hens had water and food. They were let out to forage for them selves, and dined on my veggie garden. 
My outdoor cats survived as they have great hunting
  11. What a beautiful display of different color coats. Awesome. Congrats to the eight lucky companions to these magnificent pups.
  12. I love that your dogs have their own Tent. I feel like I live in my dogs tent......my home.
  13. Hey Lisa, that's a peeve of mine as well. How about adding a big heavy fur coat while on the "barefoot walk." Maybe that would open some eyes as to what the pups are experiencing. Unfortunately some people just don't have any common sense.
  14. Here we are, 5 months into the pandemic, and my neighborhood is still giving thanks with drumming and beautiful howls.
  15. There is nothing like a puppy to put a smile in your heart. Great news especially during these wonky times of this damn virus. Congrats SDK.
  16. On a lighter side..... NEW COLUMN FROM NICK HOPPE a columnist in San Francisco. An occasional commentary on the absurdity of everyday life. DOGS AREN'T WHAT THEY USED TO BE We have a serious problem in this country. Perhaps there are more vexing issues than the one I will be addressing today, but in the interest of discussing something, anything, other than current issues, I'm going with it. The problem, in a nutshell, is that dogs don't come anymore when you call them. I have taken to branding them Millennial Dogs. Dogs of today have developed an attitude, and I'm not happy about
  17. As pups, when ever I wanted my dogs to "come" like in following me, I said "this way." When I wanted them to come into the house I used "go home." Somewhere in my training I switched to "come" whether it was to "follow me" or if I wanted them to come into the house. They did, but it was a struggle. Then one day they didn't "come," period. They stood their ground. I realized I had switched the command over time....not good. Sometimes a command will work for one and not another. I think subconsciously I was trying to get them all on the same page thus the command eventually changed. Of
  18. rbgcme....are you saying that you want another pup? ha ha ha
  19. miz molly

    New Name

    Glad he's home safe and sound.
  20. This is truly a stinky topic with a sweet ending. Thank you Sherab for the recipe for "that something special." I have started a list of helpful hints for dogs.....This is #1.
  21. miz molly

    New Name

    Sherab, so glad you brought up the "penny jar." I forgot all about that one. As you hinted, each pup is different to what they react to and what is successful to quiet them. I think I'm going to get some ear plugs for "Two Step." He barks at the landing of a fly. Very sensitive ears. ha ha
  22. miz molly

    New Name

    Great question....Figure out what is making her bark...is it passing cars, passing trucks, traffic in general? I would take her to a busy street and let her watch the traffic go by and see if you can use your original command of "that's enough, thanks" (she knows what that means). Make sure you have eye contact with her when you do this. Then repeat and repeat and repeat until she gets it. I think that they are trying to protect us from those big fast things that are flying by. Maybe their barking is to tell those big fast things "go away." or warn us of danger....... PLUS if the wi
  23. miz molly

    New Name

    I'm sure he will calm down a bit...... A secret I realized while working with my 3 AID's is: I found if I talk to them in a whisper my request will be heard.......they listen better and do far better. Have fun with him.
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