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    Outdoors any time of year, rain or shine. NHL GO WINGS! I like reading, mostly history of any kind. Gardening and a little woodworking.
  1. Hi everybody. I just wanted to drop in and share another pic of Yoki and see what's going on in AI land. The pic is one I got of Yoki while going down the road. She looks almost bored to sleep but I swear she loves going bye bye. She races around the Jeep until I get the door open and she jumps in so fast that I'm afraid if I had the passenger side window down she might go flying right on through! To all of you who are waiting for a pup, you are in for one of the best treats in your life. These dogs are amazing. I never stop being floored by how inteligent and communicative Yoki is and I assum
  2. My baby's "Official" name is AYOKA. It's a Cherokee word that means She Brought Hapiness. It seems that Ayoka is to much for some people so it got shortened to Yoki. My name for her (when she's good ) is Yoki Hama. We don't have to get into what I call her when she's bad. (Which isn't very often.) I really like all the names I've read so far. We are some creative, deep thinkers, aint we? These dogs are AWESOME!!!!!
  3. Mica is beautiful. I love the intesity of these dogs. Nice pics.
  4. I've found that a sharp whistle will bring Yoki back to reality if she's "too far away" to hear my voice.
  5. I'm not crazy about the stank but it's a small price to pay to watch her having fun. I took her to a dog park tonight. There was about 8 Husky type dogs. (chest puffed out) Yoki out ran all of them. I was so proud. I'm getting all misty just thinking about it.
  6. Yoki was introduced to water in my back yard when the rain left a huge puddle behind. She would run back and forth though it so I played " get the stick out of the puddle" with her. It was pretty funny to watch. Thanks to everyone for your kind words about Yoki.
  7. Thanks JudyK, I would very much like to meet you and the "kids". Next time I'm coming up I'll let you know so we can arrange a play date. I hope yours like to play because Yoki is always ready for some chase and wrestle.
  8. This week end Yoki and I went to the U. P. to visit some friends and took a little side trip to the Lake Superior shoreline. For those of you who haven't ever seen Michigan's Upper Peninsula, it's beautiful. Very rustic and sparsly populated. Well worth the trip. Yoki found a stick on the beach and decided we should play with it so I obliged her. She never hesitated at all about plunging into the water, which by the way is c-c-c-cold even in the peak summer heat. She made me throw that stick for about 45 minutes until I was afraid I wouldn't be able to shift gears in the Jeep. I'm still amazed
  9. On her papers her name is Ayoka but too many people had trouble with that and it kinda morphed to Yoki. I like it. I call her my Yoki Hama.
  10. I just thought I would pop in and share another picture of Yoki. Every day I'm astounded by what a good dog she is. She listens so well and almost always does as shes told. She loves going for rides in the Jeep and is so good at staying in until I tell her to get out. Thanks to everyone who's put pics of their dogs on here. They are so beautiful. I love their eyes! For those of you on the waiting list, be patient. It's worth the wait.
  11. UncleTim


    Thanks to all for your kind words about Yoki.
  12. UncleTim


    Hi, I haven't been on in a while. Just thought I'd put a pic of Ayoka on here to show her off. This is a pic of her in the Jeep. I took the back seat out to give her more room. She's a great traveler. Always ready to go bye bye. She turned one year old on 4/5. She is an awesome dog! We like to go to the woods and roam around and she decided that she doesn't need a leash when we're out. She comes every time I call her.....at least by the third time. If she had her way we'd stay in the woods and fetch sticks all day. She is just an awesome critter.
  13. There was suppose to be another pic with my post but I'm not to computer savvy. I'll try again after I smash this computer in a fit of rage and then buy a new one. Naaa, not really. About the computer smashing thing. I'll try an get more pics on here.
  14. Hi everyone. I finally took some decent pics of Yoki! I swear she is camera shy. These pics are from a trip we took to the Upper Peninsula ( the U.P.) of Michigan. She put her face all the way into the frigid waters of Lake Superior to pick up a chunk of wood I threw. I tried to get her deep enough to swim but she wasn't having that! She is a great trveler. She just curled up on the seat and slept almost the whole way of a five hour drive. I would also like to say what an awesome dog she is. So smart amd (mostly) well behaved. Her color on her neck seems to be changing a little. It's starting
  15. Debi,I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your husbands friend. In 2005 I lost a close friend. It's a hard thing to go through. I believe that as long as we keep them in our hearts, they will live on forever. My thoughts are with you guys.
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