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  1. she reminds me Of stika
  2. hi all My guys love the kids Malachi get so excited to see the grand kids come he does this hopping dance its funny to see . when Malachi sees the neighbor hood kids he wants to play . if we are out and about and he hears a child cry he gets upset and wines .
  3. well me and the boys were suppose to move to our forever home May 1 in NC house packed all the stress and at the last day everything fell through trying to get some norm back in our lives still trying to move looking for a rental now . Snake had surgery in September to remove his spleen because of tumors. Malachi met his little brother Nakoma cute as all well that's it don't ask for pics mine are too big for this site and I have to down load some on my computer thank you
  4. Malachi visit with his. lill brother Nakoma today his owner Keith Is a friend of ours he is having a. Blast with him Nakoma g oes to work with Keith every day he reminds me of Mal as a pup he a firecracker and so funny. He is the puppy in the middle on the bottom tried to upload pic as usual couldnt
  5. linda


    Well thats not something I have to worry about , I trip over mine stealthy they are not LOL! qUIET THEY ARE NOT VERY VERBAL they bark at everything its like crying wolf i would not know if something inportant happened brcause they bark at every noise . cant wait to find my perfect home in a quiet woodsy place
  6. linda


    Hey VAl Im sooo glad Catch is working out hows the food situation going ??she does look happy prabably happy not having so many dogs around look At Danakka at the reunion Sunday he was fine just shy
  7. linda


    Glad everyone got home safe I agree Molly she looks like she has always been there
  8. Look like everyone had a good time thank you Val for th e sweet call and Molly for the chat
  9. @ Miss Molly there was not much to tell the pups had fun free running around playing my son came sat night with his 8 month old pup who became best buddies with Michi they ran havic all night playing LOL but it was nice not to have the dogs leashed up they all stayed with owners it was great we are already looking for next year we would like to have a place with a lake for the dogs to swim.
  10. How Cute Like the dark one very loving
  11. Love the t-shirts I think I have that disorder too LOl
  12. I wouls like to say how much fun everyone had if you lok close to the black tent there are 4 glowing eyes hahah my boys . It was nice to see all the dogs and owners face to face and the freedom they had for running the grounds . thanks to Val for putting these up and to everyone for coming t- shirts got delayed and should be in the end of the month I will mail them out
  13. Molly he looks great how stunning its about time the picture was changed LOL and what a good one it is
  14. linda

    Snake And Malachi

    Sherb you can go on indian language dictionary and see what the name you choose is in indian yes it helps to find someone that speaks it I have been on indian reversed to english before that actually has verbal sound just keep looking
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