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  1. Quick check in at 12 weeks! Bandai got his 2nd set of vaccination last week and was terrified at the vet. So, I've been trying to get him out as much as we can. We do lots of car rides and went to Petco for treats and toys. He weighed in at 12 lbs and getting quite a bit darker on his back. My daughter calls him a "flip sequin" dog, since it's still light fur underneath. Bandai has been developing unique relationships with everyone in the house. With Breuer (our Dutchie), Bandai relentlessly attempts to play by biting him in the face and Breuer tolerates it so well. However, with Bo
  2. https://www.instagram.com/the_three_b_brothers/ Updated the instagram handle to include all three
  3. I just did a check in with our pup, Bandai, from this liter: http://www.iidoba.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4340&do=findComment&comment=43228
  4. We couldn’t be more smitten with our new addition from Redhawk and LittleBird. Bandai (pronounced Bond-eye) has joined his two older fur brothers, Breuer, 11-year-old Dutch Shepherd, and Boulder, 10-year-old AI, at our home in Utah. He was an absolute dream in the car and was only up long enough to play briefly before falling asleep again. Potty breaks were easier than I anticipated, and we arrived home with 0 accidents! I slept on the floor in the hotel next to him in a makeshift pen and he slept both nights without a peep until 5am when he would then start pawing and licking my face.
  5. Recently, I came across a thread from 2017- not sure if it's helpful: http://www.iidoba.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4113&hl=testicles I would recommend contacting Kim, if you haven't done so already. PS) Rooster is a cutie!
  6. Couldn't agree more that their souls feel a thousand years old. Happy Birthday! Hope he partied hard with treats and toys
  7. That first pic is adorable! He looks so dapper.
  8. Found puppy pictures of my nephew's pup, Bowsky (born 2010). He is a sweet boy who gets to hang with our boys when his family is out of town.
  9. ha! Love it! So excited for all the pups. I'm hoping we are part of the last liter, but excited to know MORE PUPPIES!
  10. So cute! Arlo has definitely changed colors over his few years! We're following you on instagram: Boulder_AI_Dog https://www.instagram.com/boulder_ai_dog/
  11. I think it's really neat to see how much the AI puppies change coloring throughout their lifetime. Here is our, Boulder, ten years ago vs last week. His baby blue eyes have gone and his fur has gotten darker. Join in if you'd like!
  12. So precious! Love that the masks are so prevalent, just gorgeous coloring! Thank you for the update.
  13. I just started one: Boulder_AI_dog My nine year really wanted him to have one because we follow so many others
  14. I love following you on Instagram! Zephyr's toy and treat shenanigans remind me so much of my own AI, Boulder.
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